I hope this website offers you insight on how to effortlessly live a plant based lifestyle and inspires you to explore new ways to live more, live well.. and strive to thrive.

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More About Gabrielle







Welcome to Eat Drink Shrink!





My Name is Gabrielle and I’m the founder & creator of 
Eatdrinkshrink.com. I established this website in late 2012 to share my experience and knowledge as I pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian in New York City. 




I currently hold a BS in Clinical Nutrition from NYU and am in the midst of completing my last semester to receive an MS in Nutrition & Health Sciences at Brooklyn College. (Graduation date May 2016)




I work in recipe development with vegan companies and restaurants, conduct hands on restaurant reviews with Dine 2 Dish, and provide in home cooking demos and holistic nutrition counseling sessions in New York City & via Skype. 


In my personal time I work with the Coalition for Healthy School Food. As a Junior Council Member I continue to share our ongoing mission to promote plant based foods in public schools throughout New York.  I also privately teach yoga (YogaWorks 200hr certification), contribute to Mind Body Green, One Green Planet, and volunteer with the New York Presbyterian hospital feeding patients. 






About Eat Drink Shrink




Eat Drink Shrink evolved to become a platform to share video product reviews, fresh vegan recipes, e-books, as well as other current health related information under a single domain. 




Today, I’ve collaborated with over 600 companies and reviewed upwards of 2,000 products via Eat Drink Shrink that are vegan, organic, eco friendly, non toxic and sustainable, in hopes to connect you with the current best of the best in plant based toxic free living. 





Curious about my current faves?! Review my top 15 below!


Wanting to sample these products?! I host over 300 giveaways via Eat Drink Shrink Instagram yearly! (I’ve hosted 100’s!)





 aDSC_0164 (1)


Why Eat Drink Shrink?!



Through my platform you can effortlessly gain access to company and product info as well as hundreds of authentic reviews for green beauty skincare, haircare, cosmetics, mom & baby products, and even green home cleaners, cleanses, and food products. 



Receive my personal VEGAN recipes I’ve designed for clients to manifest wellness





I typically provide 5 VEGAN recipes a week in addition to product reviews along with discount codes and or IG giveaways. (FYI recipes don’t say “vegan” in front of each item, just assume it’s vegan)





In addition to my own product reviews, I employ 3 Eat Drink Shrink Contributors to offer multiple perspectives on product quality in a SINGLE post.



Why?! Because honestly, how useful is 1 point of view today?! (not really helpful)





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EDS Links


  • To view all of the EDS vegan recipes click here
  • To learn more about my life outside of reviews and cooking up a storm view EDS Life click here 
  • To sign up for the EDS Newsletter click here
  • To download my first e-book Eat Drink Shrink Yoga click here



  • To download my 2nd e-book Eat Drink Shrink Vegan Desserts click here
  •  To see all the companies I’ve worked with click here



  • To view a list of my personal favorite products click here
  • To meet my 3 EDS Contributors click here
  • To find the best prices for my favorite products click here
  • To see the toxins I avoid in skincare products click here








I eat clean, I eat green, and live well..



I’ve been a vegetarian/vegan on and off for 14 years. I was vegan for 4 years, and was a strict raw vegan for 2 years. Today I’ve arrived at a place where I feel happy, healthy, and balanced.  My diet is very plant strong, colorful, and seasonal. I drink lots of green juice, limit packaged foods, and cook at home 5 to 6 days a week.



“Food encompasses everything we do, it’s the universal experience, the common ground, and the thread that binds us all together. It’s the heart, soul, and ideology of this nation.” – Gabrielle 





 I found that my objective in life is to empower people to choose



wholesome, healthy, plant based foods.



I want to strip away the intimidation one experiences when attempting to make almond milk, cashew cheesecake, or a batch of homemade kombucha teaI want to provide individuals with the essential tools and confidence to radically change their diet and to rebel against the dominant food culture. I truly believe that together


We can change the world with every bite..








10 Things 

You Didn’t Know About Gabrielle + 10 Current obsessions




Fun Facts: 

  1. I’ve called the NYC my home for the past 6+ years, but I’m originally from Atlanta
  2. I could ice skate when I was only 2yrs old while still wearing a pacifier (skills) 
  3. I live in skinny jeans yoga pants Onepiece‘s Boyfriend Jeans  Food pun shirts Rails Flannels
  4. I’ve lived in Miami (Best place to be October-March)
  5. I danced with a Russian ballet when I was 5
  6. I’m Lithuanian, Polish, and part Cherokee Indian.
  7. My right foot is a full size bigger than my left  (my left shoe tends to fly off.. awkwarrrrrd)
  8. I’m left handed (special)
  9. I was diagnosed with a rare congenital disorder called Situs Inversus (Basically all my internal organs are flipped.. more special?)
  10. I love anything lemon, all things avocado, heirloom tomatoes, pink dragonfruit, celery root mash, vegan quiche, and homemade bbq sauce!!


Current Obsessions: 

  1. Candles from Lemon West, Love Nature NYC, and Candelles   
  2. Element Snacks (chocolate rice cakes, nuff said)
  3. Mamma Chia
  4. Cado Ice Cream
  5. Navitas Naturals Golden Berries
  6. Follow Your Heart Vegan Parmesan Cheese
  7. Pure Barre (best work out ever)
  8. Hungry root spiralized eats
  9. Foxymug
  10. Namastamy apparel
  11. Earth Tu Face balms
  12. Isun skincare from Living Earth Beauty
  13. Beauty Chef powder
  14. Svelte Banana Protein Shake













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