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Hello & Happy Friday!!





I can’t even begin to tell you just how excited I am to share this review for 100% Pure!! (no really, product testing has been taking place for well over what feels like 2 months lol)


Out of all the companies I’ve featured via Eat Drink Shrink, 100% Pure is one that I’ve always wanted to experience for a plethora of reasons. One being that this natural company is not only accessible (you can find it at drugstores), but all of their products are also SUPER AFFORDABLE!!


From skincare to hair care and even cosmetics and nail polish.. 100% Pure caters to all your natural beauty needs!!


Get 4 VIDEO reviews on the full spectrum of 100% Pure products from the Eat Drink Shrink Contributors below and find out if this company could potentially work for you!!


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The absolute most healthy, the most pure line of nourishing personal care made with the highest quality ingredients. Free of any harmful toxins that are common in other cosmetics – because our skin absorbs.





Just as birth control patches and nicotine patches deliver the medication topically, whatever we apply on our skin gets absorbed which is why all 100% Pure formulas are free of harmful toxins that are commonly in other cosmetics. 100% Pure’s mission is to create the healthiest cosmetics made with the highest quality ingredients.



100% Pure creates healthy products for our body and also for the environment. Our corporate offices are run by 100% solar energy, our company is 100% electric and our pure, biodegradable formulas are packaged with post consumer recycled plastic, glass, soda cans, paper and printed with biodegradable non toxic vegetable ink. 100% Pure loves animals – we are completely cruelty free and charitable towards animal welfare.







Why 100% pure?
“As much as 60% of topical skin-care products are absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. They should be consumed with the same prudence that we use to choose our breakfast cereal.”– Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, April 2006 Issue of Women’s Health Magazine.
There are many toxic chemicals in cosmetic products that have been clinically proven to cause cancer, tumors, irritation and many different skin disorders. 100% Pure products are truly 100% pure: no synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins.


Why Vegan?
We love animals and refuse to support anything that hurts animals which is why none of our formulas are ever tested on animals (everything we use is food grade and does not require testing, whereas chemical ingredients must be tested). All our makeup brushes are from synthetic fibers. No animals were hurt for their fur and no animals were hurt for any of our ingredients (the only animal ingredient we use is cruelty free honey).


Why not perfumes or fragrances?
Perfumes and fragrances are synthetic chemicals that do not have any medicinal or aroma therapeutic value. 100% Pure products smell delicious because what you smell is real. The wonderful aromas in 100% Pure products are from real fruits, pure essential oils, and pure absolutes. There are never any synthetic fragrances or anything artificial in 100% Pure products.


Why not thickeners and emulsifiers?
Thickeners and emulsifiers are considered to be cheap fillers. 100% Pure products are never diluted with water, alcohol, thickeners, emulsifiers or any other “fillers”. Instead, 100% Pure products are totally concentrated and perform at optimal level.


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Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze – Cabernet

I really liked this product – it’s a combo of a lip stick and lip gloss, so it glides on smoothly and feels creamy when on. I also like the fact that it has anti-oxidants and anti-aging vitamins in it, as all of our lips could probably use some of those!  The color Cabernet is very red – so it’s a special occasion color that every make-up user should have.



Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

I enjoyed using this product mainly because it has a fantastic aroma … coffee. Not only is this product formulated with coffee, but also green tea, so there’s a ton of caffeine in it which helps with brightening dark circles and puffiness. The bottle says it makes your eye area look more awake and youthful… coffee is a magic thing!


Seaweed Detox Bath

This product will wake you up! I took a bath after a vinyasa flow class with this product and it truly did help with my muscles – one little issue is that it got my blood flowing (which is what it is supposed to do) so much that I did not fall asleep quickly … so my advice would be to not use this product in the evening prior to bed.  


Pink Grapefruit Whipped Body Butter

I loved the aroma of this product. It was softening to my skin (especially around dry spots like elbows and knees) and the size of the container made it easy to toss in my suitcase and travel with.  


Pretty Naked Neutral Face Palette

Overall I enjoyed this palette as it was smooth to apply and that’s always something I’m looking for with eyeshadows, as the smoother it goes on with indicate how easy (or hard) it will be to blend with other shades for contouring. The one thing about this specific palette is that the colors were not my favorite. It’s missing a lighter eyeshadow to be the illuminator under the brow and the apple cheek color is a shimmery pink that did not match my skin tone all that well.









I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to review products by 100% Pure. They are a wonderful company that is organic and vegan too! The packaging is beautiful, simple and chic. One of the products that I reviewed was the beautiful, smooth and moisturizing lipstick. The lipstick feels wonderful and the color is amazing, it’s called melon!!



I wasn’t quite expecting that color, it looked more coral when I had picked it out online, but it truly is a beautiful bright color! The next product I had the opportunity to review is the 100% Pure Grapefruit Body Butter. It feels amazing, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It doesn’t sit on top of the skin, which is a huge plus for me. I love how natural the smell is, it doesn’t make me sneeze or give me a headache, like many things with scent do.


Next, I reviewed the Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. I don’t’ normally get dark circles or puffiness, but on those days I do, I loved this cream!! It was so light, natural and lovely!! It does bring down the puffiness and it also moisturizes this super important and delicate skin under the eyes.


I love the idea that it is anti-aging as well! It is never too soon to start protecting your skin! I got to try the 100% Pure Charcoal Konjac sponge!! I never knew about the Konjac sponge, but I’m so happy I know about it now! This sponge is so smooth and gentle on my skin and it really works to remove any excess dirt, oil or even make-up on your skin! There are many different types of Konjac sponges that work on different types of skin. I used water and the sponge and it was lovely, but if you feel you need more of a clean feeling, you can add some of your own cleanser. It helps to detoxify the skin!


My skin felt smooth, clean and I am now a big fan of the Konjac sponge because it is kind to my sensitive skin. I got to review some samples size shampoos and conditioners. I will say, the sample size allowed me to try two different types of shampoo and conditioner, but it was a hard to get a feel for them due to the small amount. I truly loved getting to try the volumizing kelp and mint!! It was so refreshing, natural, clean and light!!


The burdock and neem seemed to weigh down my hair type more than the kelp and mint, but it was still very nice! I truly love what this company stands for. I love that all of their products are so natural, smell amazing and don’t break out my skin!! I would recommend this wonderful company to anyone.








Impressed is an understatement when it comes to this line of products. 100% Pure offers a TON of products, ranging from make up to serums to bath salts. I was not disappointed by any of them. All products are completely natural, vegan, and free of artificial yuckiness. The company is based in San Jose, California, and can be found at www.100percentpure.com.



To test out the make up section of the company, I tried the “Pretty Naked” natural face palette. It is perfect
for simplifying your morning routine! The palette comes with a aluminizing powder (fantastic), blush, and 3 shades of eye shadow. The colors look great on and blend in well with foundation. All components of the palette are made with a rice starch base and incorporate a variety of fruits and oils to make the pigment.


I am really picky about my morning face cleanser, as I feel it sets the tone for my whole day. The Purist line’s “Kiwi & Pineapple Brightening Cleanser” is just what I needed. This cleanser foams from the pump, so its easy to dispense, apply, and clean off. It is fantastic at removing left over make up and built up oils. It contains aloe, vitamin E, and other ingredients to soothe and moisturize the face, while the citrus and green tea ingredients brighten the completion and “wake up” the skin cells, if you will.


I tested out 2 of the face creams, both for different reasons. The “Brightening Serum“, as expected, works wonders with the Brightening Cleanser. It is lightweight, refreshing, and smells great. It contains the same basic ingredients as the cleanser, as well as some antioxidants to help repair your face during the day. I use it daily, under make up, and I have already noticed an improvement in my complexion. The second serum-ish product I tried is the “Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream“. This is by far my favorite. I use it religiously – sometimes more than once a day. The green coffee in the cream immediately reduces puffiness and dark circles and the added vanilla smells fantastic. I would recommend the serum for anyone!


Finally, both bath products, “Seaweed Detox Bath” and “French Lavender Hydrating Body Wash” proved perfect for a relaxing bath night. The body wash foams to dispense and refreshed your skin while removing excess oils. I even use it on occasion as shaving cream! The detox bath salts dissolve quickly into a warm bath and have the most fantastic peppermint/eucalyptus aroma. It is perfect to detox the muscles after a long run.







 unnamed-12I absolutely loved all of these products! I was pretty excited to try all of these right when I got them. The only thing I was a bit turned off by was the fact that the product was put in a box filled with peanuts. I know that those are not very environmental friendly.


I will begin with the Almond hydrating body wash! I am very impressed with the scent and love the way it lingers! I didn’t like how it wasn’t as soapy/sudsy. I am used to a lot of foam where this was not. I usually just apply it with a loofa. Though the loofa does not get sudsy like with my normal body wash. I would still use this again yet maybe some of their other body washes will be soapy.


I also was able to try a nail polish, the name was cochella. I loved the color and the sparkle was awesome! The only issue with the nail polish was that it came off quickly I did not put a top coat on though.


The coffee bean eye cream was incredible the scent was impeccable! The cream itself was a great consistency. I could smell it linger throughout the day also! It smelt like chocolate coffee. I did see the puffiness from under my eyes go down.


There was three makeup products I was able to utilize. One was a cream based foundation w, Peach bisque, then a pink blush named pretty naked and a coffee bean bronzer called cocoa glow.

The foundation was a thick cream yet it was great for under eyes. There wasn’t a lot in the container to always use for the entire face and it was a bit streaky if I didn’t blend it with my beauty blender.

The blush was awesome! Loved the color and how it went on. It was great going on and it was a great color for my skin and hair.

My favorite one and most exciting one to try was the coffee bean bronzer. I absolutely loved this. I have never used a bronzer much and the new thing is contouring! So I have used this with contouring and highlighting videos. It has been great and my make up looks wonderful everyday. Just with this simple product. Absolutely love it!











I’m Gabrielle, the founder & creator of Eatdrinkshrink.com. I established this blog in May of 2012 to share my experience and knowledge as I pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian in New York City. I currently hold a BS in Nutrition & Dietetics from NYU and am pursuing a MS in Nutrition & Health Sciences while teaching yoga and working with the Coalition for Healthy School Food


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  1. Great reviews ladies! I keep hearing such good things about 100% Pure’s lipsticks Erin, it’s really time for me to make a purchase! I love that melon colour - I was going to go for Mojave and Mirage from the matte range, but I’m tempted by the melon shade now! Just to back up the points here about 100% Pure lipsticks not containing harmful ingredients, I had a look at the full ingredients list. I was really impressed! They really are free from animal product ingredients like lanolin oil, carmine, and beeswax - plus, they don’t contain the allergen ricinoleic acid. They don’t just talk the talk… they walk the walk! Just in case your readers are looking to go natural, (or are vegan/or prone to allergies) we recently published a piece exposing some lipstick ingredients to avoid. Plus, we discuss the past and future of lipstick ingredients and innovations: https://makeupscholar.com/what-lipstick-made-of/ Thanks again for the great reviews here - can’t wait to buy the lipstick and try out some of the other products from 100% Pure! Laura


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