Balsamic Chicken Sandwich

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Hello & Happy Monday!!





In my experience with faux meats, or at last Gardein products.. 


They taste so. good. I could literally eat them all just by themeself and feel content. 





Did you know that these products are so verstaile thought that you can literally cater to nearly any type of cuisine your heart desires?





I don’t know about you.. but as I always say, I LOVE a balsamic glaze. I put it on anything and everything, salads, avocados, pizza, more avocados, and let’s just say.. ITS JuST MAGICAL



The story behind this sammie?! It was honestly inspired by my personal experience as a New Yorker and seeing “balsamic chicken” at every market. (I swear)



So I decdied to take my love for all things balsamic as well as my affinity for basil cashew cheese and boom, the Balsamic Chicken Sammie was born. 








If you’re looking to jazz up your mundane sandwich routine, this recipe is so easy and could easily be enjoyed with just some fresh greens and avocado minus the amazing basil cashew cheese and sun dried tomato spread. 





I highly recommend this combination, its flavorful, filling, and gorgeous!









Why this sammie rocks:




Sweet from the basalmic

Spicy from the sun dried tomato spread

Cheesy from the basil cashew cheese

shoe string fries

Great for entertaining 

Could be made into sliders






























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