Tomatoes and Tofu Mozzarella with a Balsamic Reduction

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Hello & Happy Friday!!






If you’re anything like me, you’re burned out and beyond elated that its Friday!


I can honestly say that it feels like the summer is just flying by, but I know without a doubt I’ve been taking full advantage of all the seasonal fruits and veggies that are accessible and of course finally more affordable. 







Ages ago, I honestly loathed tomatoes like most young adults. I always found them to be too watery, hold no flavor and for the most part no purpose. As we grow older though, the majority of us find that some of our least favorite eats.. surprisingly become our most favorites!





imagesI’m all about finding value in everything, especially food, but when it comes to a beautiful pricey heirloom tomato that exudes rich color and flavor.. I can’t say no lol. 




Since playing around with using a balsamic glaze I’ve become even more obsessed with fresh heirloom tomatoes.. 






If you need something quick n’easy that’s nutrient dense,

and filling, this is it!







What I love about this quick and easy recipe is that to me its a healthy take on the classic tomatoes and mozerella dish and its..  






Offers a hint of sweetness















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More ways to enjoy a balsamic reduction?!











Tomatoes & Tofu Mozzarella Toast with a Balsamic Glaze




[yumprint-recipe id=’75’] 





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