Vegan Spinach Pancakes

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Hello & Happy Thursday!!



I know what you’re thinking, its Thursday?!

Why post a (amazing) pancake recipe?!


Because we all know when its Friday everyone mentally celebrating that the weekend is here as soon as they walk out the door and are just waiting til the clock strikes 5 lol.. (am I right?)



So before we break into the weekend where everyone has one thing on the mind, well probably a few, some that may involve a tall glass of wine,





images..but we all know one thing is for sure


One of them is pancakes!






I’ll be honest, this is the first time I’ve made pancakes in years. (truth) The last time I recall making them was back in 2012 when I was volunteering at a shelter. 


This memory only stands out because I remember totally burning them that even the kids were questioning my culinary skills lol (more truth) If you’re ever find yourself questioing how someone could mess up something as easy as pancakes trust me.. 






You can haha.. 











Back to these pancakes!

So I still never make them, why? Because today I feel they are just so easy, not super interesting and pack no nutrients. If I’m going to splurge, its not going to be on bread and some syrup in a world with endless vegan recipes. (truth)


The goal behind this straightforward recipe was to develop a pancake that packed more than just spinach, so I added the spirulina, and to make a eggless batter through using banana while also using a homemade sauce rather than the standard maple syrup. 







Reasons why I Love this recipe: 


Bananas are the most amazing egg replacer for added taste and softness


A combination of spinach & Spirulina for more added color and nutrients 


A homemade raspberry sauce to utilize only naturally sugar versus syrup


Perf recipe for the holidays with Christmas colors lol 







DSC_1011 (1)



























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