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Hello & Happy Saturday!!




Unless you don’t have access to the internet, its safe to say.. 



That you’ve heard about the whole spiralizing epidemic!!


So you have to ask yourself, is it worth it? and if so which one do I buy?!



I had the pleasure of sampling a handheld spiralizer from Common Sense Goods and was excited to explore the differences in their product versus the counter top spiralizer which I personally use. 




Whether you’re wanting to spend $30+ dollars to get the counter top version, or you’d rather save space in your kitchen and your wallet.. 


I highly recommend exploring new kitchen tools that will sneak in more veggies and ultimately keep meal time exciting, fun, and a new experience. 






Common Sense Goods Spiralizer


 ★ Create tasty and nutritious vegetable noodles to use as a low calorie, low carb, gluten free, alternative to traditional pasta.
★ Vegetable noodles are made by spiral slicing raw veggies like zucchini, carrots or sweet potatoes into long strands that resemble traditional spaghetti or angel hair pasta noodles. With this kitchen tool you’ll GET EXCITED about eating your veggies!
★ This PREMIUM Spiral Slicer comes with dual width blades, and is made from durable ABS and the highest quality Japanese stainless steel (not all slicers are created equal). Dishwasher safe, compact and easy to clean.
BONUS OFFER★ (Limited Time Only) Includes: Top quality Veggie Spiral Slicer, handy cleaning brush, PLUS you’ll also get our The Ultimate Veggie Noodle Recipe Collection eBook ($17 value) with 24 full color pages of delectable, home tested recipes (with pictures) that’ll spiralize you into a healthier lifestyle.
★ Backed by our no-nonsense, hassle free, 100% money back guarantee. We’re that sure you’re gonna love your new Common Sense Goods Spiral Vegetable Slicer.


 The smaller, more compact spiral slicer is perfect for a quick spiralizing fix, it fits neatly in a utensil drawer and all it really needs is a quick rinse after it’s finished.


This compact spiral slicers work best with zucchini, you can also use them for carrots, cucumbers and daikon radish. They also work with potatoes and sweet potatoes but you will have to peel the potato with a veggie peeler until it forms a smooth cylinder shape with a 1 1/2” diameter, and that’s just one more step, but it is worth the extra effort if you’re game.!



Common Sense Goods was created by Mark Kennedy in 2014 after seeing a need in the marketplace for top quality, innovative kitchen tools. Marks passion for useful, well designed tools has been with him since childhood where he saved all of the money from his paper route to buy his mom a new, sharp kitchen knife. Since 1981 Mark has been on the hunt for quality
tools that meet his impeccable standards, and now, he is bringing his collection to you through his aptly named company, Common Sense Goods.






 About the Product



– cheaper

– smaller, thus more portable

– easier to clean

– a lot less dangerous (trust me, the countop Spiralizer is super sharp, not kid friendly)



– Only get on style of noodle, whereas the countertop model provides multiple 

– Hard to maneuver without breaking the strands

– Would only recommend for zucchini or cucumbers, anything harder wouldn’t work

– Leaves a weird end that can’t be use, thus more waste versus the table top (see above image)

– Doesn’t remove seeds in veggies




25 Readers will receive 60% OFF and pay only $7 on the Common Sense Goods compact spiral slicer !


Enter code VJG5JXQJ at checkout!

Click here to purchase







Easy Asian Cucumber Salad 







– Cucumber

– Sesame seed oil

– Rice wine vinegar

– Tamarind

– Sesame Seeds

– Sugar + garlic optional



Spiralize, combine, enjoy!








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  1. Great review Gabrielle, and your salad looks delish! Thanks and I hope you find lots of ways to use your spiralizer.

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