Vegan Chocolate Granola Recipe

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Hello & Happy Tuesday!!






I’m on day two of my grad school spring break and let’s just say it feels.. AMAZING!


Since the break started I’ve been testing multiple recipes that are, let’s just say not my typical “go to foods“. I always envisioned creating breakfast bars, or bars of any kind for that matter as not being my strong suit, but I thought to myself what the heck I’ll give it a shot. So like all new recipes, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best lol… and honestly, 


These were SO. EASY. to make, you could literally do it blindfolded.. (not that I would recommend doing so)



If you’re a big health bar person, but worry about the added sugars, “natural flavors” or perhaps other scary ingredients you’re not so sure of.. The answer is always to “make it yourself”



I would describe these Chocolate Granola bars as comparable to the Kind bar, these are just like those, but full of more nutrients and offer more flavor. 


As a first time bar maker, I promise these are effortless, and don’t disappoint!





















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