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Integrative restaurant reviews, recipe evaluation, and marketing. 




Despite challenging economic times, individuals are still continuing to dine out at increasing rates. Today nearly 48% of the American food dollar is spent at restaurants, accounting for as much as three-quarters of someone’s total caloric intake.


Dining out has evolved to become more mainstream, in part due to increasing levels of social media, online couponing, targeted marketing and advertising, and restaurants focusing on promoting health-related messages.



Today legislative mandates require greater transparency of the  nutritional content of menu options. Consumers are concerned with the composition of their food and are  greatly influenced by  sustainability when selecting where to dine out.






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About Dine 2 Dish




Dine 2 Dish is a business designed to better help you gauge, optimize and understand your health conscious clientele through utilizing our staff of highly trained nutrition professionals. We feel confident that through providing all encompassing in depth reviews and menu critiques that we can effectively generate more business exposure for your establishment and ultimately increase sales.  




Company Features:



We calculate the nutrition content for two 2-3 menu items providing a complete nutrition analysis. (Additional fees for more items)


We interpret the nutrition analysis and evaluate ingredient integrity. If you have specific goals such as Paleo, vegan, heart healthy, low calorie, all natural, gluten-free, or organic, for example, we’ll make sure your menu complies with your claims.


We work with you to modify recipes so they meet your targeted guidelines and claims. Our goal is to maintain your quality and taste profiles without sacrificing flavor.


We work with your marketing department to promote the review and or giveaways/discount codes. As well as provide strategies to enhance communicate with your clientele via social media to promote your menu and concept.




Why you need Dine 2 Dish


Less on your plate:

Our services take a tremendous amount of work off your plate through providing integrative reviews from nutrition professionals at an affordable cost.

Legislative mandates are a huge hassle:

Without staff that’s well versed on the requirements, we can advise you on how to comply with regulations.

Benefit from the power of nutritional professionals:

Through combined experience in clinical nutrition, culinary training, and recipe development, we understand your goals and objectives and aim to make sure you meet them.








Gabrielle St. Claire

Gabrielle is a future MSRD with a BS in clinical nutrition from NYU and a soon to be master’s from Brooklyn College. She is a certified vinyasa and prenatal yoga instructor, holistic nutritionist, and works in plant based recipe development and product marketing via Eat Drink Shrink.





food-forkScoring System:

A: Taste is off, poor cleanliness and the selection of foods doesn’t allow for a variety of food preferences to dine in.

B : Taste in overall food is fair, clean environment and at least one or more items suits dietary preferences.

C: Taste is great. clean, spacious and inviting restaurant. two or more items offer variety to diners preferences


*Taste grading is based on a subjective scale, factoring in palatability, flavor and variety of foods used*

*Grading regarding cleanliness factors are obtained from NYC Health Department 


For more grading specifications and information of packages and fees please contact  dine2dish@gmail.com



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