Top 25 Vegan Eats From 2016

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Hello & Happy Thursday!!






Since 2016 is wrapping up right before our eyes, I thought I would give an end of the year foodie recap to share the top 25 recipes of Eat Drink Shrink! While there were a myiard of other top ranking recipes, these were the highest, and some of my personal favorites! 



Believe or not, while taking on Eat Drink Shrink full time for the past 6 months coupled with producing 5 recipes per/wk, working with countless companies, finishing up my last year of grad school, losing a loved one to cancer, getting engaged, working on a cookbook, moving, getting a dog, planning a wedding.. etc



Let’s just say, …it has been QUITE the year lol



To be honest, while I’ve always loved cooking and photography, I really didn’t decided to take this culinary path until late summer 2015. That being said, it’s wonderful to see how my approach to cooking and taking images has evolved to become more fine tuned. It’s a prime example that even with a nutrition background and an affinity for cooking, you still grow and mature in your abilities both in the kitchen and behind the camera. I took two culinary courses at NYU and one 3 day food photography course, but both barely grazed the surface to really becoming handy in the kitchen and taking a good image. 


Although an predicted avenue I pursued, I know that showing individuals how to cook plant based foods will unequivocally continue to mitigate obesity rates and have an unprecedented impact on the way we see food as a whole. 


If there are two tips I can offer to those wanting to branch out with their culinary skills, it’s to simply keep trying. There are plenty of recipes that turned out to be total flops in the midst of developing new concepts. It’s always a bummer, but you keep trying. Secondly, I can’t recommend working with new fruits and vegetables enough. I find that people get into a rut working with the same ingredients and hit somewhat of a cooking plateau. Trying different flavor profiles or anything new for that matter will keep you on your toes, keep you interested in the process, and allow you to expand your skills. 


I’m forever grateful to have found what I love to do and most importantly being able to share it with you! Thanks for continuing to support Eat Drink Shrink!






Pumpkin & Sage Rigatoni







Breakfast Enchiladas with Poblano Cream







Fruity Pebbles Pancakes







Strawberry Rhubarb Skillet 







Hawaiian Burger

(featured this year in Thrive Magazine!)





Cinnamon Apple Tacos






Greek Burger





Asian Cauli Bites






Buffalo Cauliflower






Pumpkin Cheesecake Bread






Pink Dragonfruit Sushi







Fluffer Nutter Cookie Skillet






Pistachio Pancakes







Margarita Cupcakes






Chicken & Waffles






Zucchini Fritters







Korean Bbq Nachos








Buffalo Polenta Fries







Pistachio Cake







Dragonfruit Edamame Pot Stickers








Beet Burgers







Matcha Cinnamon Rolls







Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies
















Avocado Fries








Cheesy Pull Bread






Best Vegan Eats of 2016 - Eat Drink Shrink














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