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Hello & Happy Thursday!!





While I could talk about my journey to becoming to a clinical nutritionist and food all day, I also like to take a moment to talk about real life milestones, such as..




Prenatal nutrition was such a joy to take in undergrad and I was personally mesmerized by how the body organically accommodates a baby that I went on to take an elective grad class focusing on intensive care for newborns. Based on research and what we know today, it’s evident that our wellness is programmed long before we even take our first breath. Through living and breathing nutrition, at 33, married for roughly a year, we are on the baby train and ready to go! The “baby train” that I assumed would have perhaps a few road bumps, but overall be a short trip. While I was greatly mistaken in that it sometimes just takes time without any complications, we’re embracing it the best we can!






For many couples they adhere to the guidelines of waiting until 1 year to seek out a fertility specialist to investigate potential underlying health issues preventing pregnancy. Being an over ambitious woman (always lol), I wanted to know firsthand what we were dealing with at around 7 months. We found the best specialist, conducted numerous blood tests, had a semen analysis, reviewed the shape of may uterus, and proceeded with what is referred to as an “HSG” test, which sends fluid through your fallopian tubes to clear any blockages. While everything checked out fine, we are still playing the waiting game.


From the CDC National Survey from 2011-2015, the number of women aged 15-44 who had ever used infertility services was said to be 7.3 million.


It can take couples naturally upwards of 1 year to conceive without any complications. So if you’re in that same boat, and feel like you just want to “stop paddling”, try and remember to simply just relax. I’m always put at ease knowing that there are countless couples who wait years to conceive and are faced with a myriad of health hurdles to overcome. If you don’t believe me, join a women’s “ttc group”, you’ll feel so lucky to just be “in the waiting line”. 




The silver lining of the waiting game is that you obtain more knowledge about your body, ovulation, conception, and how commonplace infertility is. In addition, you’ll also become well versed on all the latest products in the realm of pregnancy! 


There are countless products on the market today to make navigating pregnancy more seamless. From ovulation watches, ovulation devices, to sperm analyzers, and even modern pregnancy tests such as First Response. I’ve learned so much in such a short time.  Countless women struggle for years with no explanation and others have never ending hurdles to conceiving. I hope to shed light on the latest products and share my experience navigating it all.







Pregnancy tests have slowly evolved to provide different cues for the confirmation of pregnancy. A check, a smiley face, or the simple word “pregnancy”. There have also been some improvements with testing early for those without patience (every woman). Cue the new First Response Triple Check Focus. 





FIRST RESPONSE™ have been trusted by millions of women for over 30 years throughout their trying-to-conceive journeys, making it the #1 pregnancy test in America. Their portfolio of innovative at-home test kits are proven to be 99% accurate in detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels, offering reliable pregnancy testing for women who want to know sooner. FIRST RESPONSE™ promises to be there in the most important moments your life – leveraging advanced science to deliver fast and accurate results.  






The maker of First Response™ know that when it comes to taking a pregnancy test, you want to be extra sure of the result. With the new First Response™ Triple Check Pregnancy Test Kit, which offers three unique tests in one convenient combination kit, you can be. Each test offers a different way to learn your result with over 99% accuracy1. More ways to test means added reassurance when it matters most from the #1 best-selling pregnancy test brand, First Response.



First Response™ Early Result Pregnancy Test can detect all forms of the pregnancy hormone commonly found in urine and be used as soon as 6 days before your missed period (5 days before the expected period date), sooner than any other brand. Double Check with an easy-to-read digital test

First Response™ Gold Digital Pregnancy Test produces a YES+/NO- result and can be taken 6 days before your missed period. Finally, Triple Check your result in 1 minute on the day of your missed period First Response™ Rapid Result Pregnancy Test gives you a result in 1 minute! 


With all of the options in a single package, it makes the process of pregnancy testing more effortless. Find the product at your local market and or drug store in the feminine care aisle today!



¹ For Early Result and Digital Pregnancy Tests: >99% accurate at detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels from the day of your expected period. For Rapid Result Pregnancy Test: >99% accurate at detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels from the day of your missed period. Note that hormone levels vary. See insert. 














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