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As someone with a BS and MS in clinical nutrition I constantly get asked for strategies to making healthy food choices. While exercise, setting goals, and perhaps even dietary supplements and prescriptions have the ability to enhance weight loss, the biggest solution to truly improving your relationship with food is.. 



Getting in the kitchen. 



You would be amazed to see the lack of culinary skills when it comes to the field of nutrition professionals. Perhaps it stems from the fact that you have to complete only one basic culinary course and those who have an affinity for nutrition are content with everyday fruits and vegetables. For those struggling to achieve wellness, simply steamed broccoli is just not going to cut it. 


As a result of paving a more culinary path with my background, I can confidently say that to mitigate the rising obesity rates we simply have to get people in the kitchen. Once we connect with our food, apply all of our sense, cooking food becomes more of an experience, a sense of enjoyment and making good choices will manifest themselves. 


That being said, I’m a huge supporter of meal services that do just that. Hello Fresh will forever be pioneers of this ongoing movement and even as a well seasoned foodie, I always walk away with gaining something. 


A new strategy for preparing, prepping, or perhaps an unexplored flavor combination.. 






While there remains to be little to no full vegan meal services. Hello Fresh offers a wide variety of vegetarian options that can easily be modified to cater to the vegan lifestyle. Each meal is effortless, has minimal affordable ingredients, so that recipes can be replicated after with ease. You also save with trying new recipes as the ingredients are portioned out, and you’ll have no lingering leftovers. 


The only obstacle I encounter was that some of the portions can be on the smaller size, and without a meat component and feeding a grown man, you may wind up making additional food. What I love to do in this case is to double up on certain ingredients. For instance if the chili wasn’t enough to hold you over, I added more sauce, or for the cauliflower salad you could simply toss in more veggies. Perhaps that can be an annoyance when you’re ordering a meal service, but the portions are standard, it allows you to practice portion control, and the objective is to explore new foods. 


I loved the the concept of each of these dishes. The cauliflower and quinoa dishes were so simple yet so well put together. The black bean tacos with the lime and sweetener paired with the cumin really enhanced the flavor of the sweet potatoes making this dish a game changer. The flatbread I also loved as its a perfect concept for when you’re craving some good old carbs. I topped mine with vegan cheese, red pepper, olive oil and a balsamic glaze to enhance the flavor! The only dish I wasn’t enamored with was the chili. I typically like to make everything from scratch and also let the flavors marinate for an extended period of time. This recipe was more for a quick and effortless chili, so just a personal preference.






Whether you’re looking to get your feet wet in the kitchen, explore new foods, or simply mix things up a bit, I highly recommend HelloFresh


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Want to see just how effortless their recipe are?! 

Watch this clip above 









About the company



HelloFresh is the leading global provider of fresh food at home.

HelloFresh aims to provide each and every household in its 9 markets with the opportunity to enjoy wholesome home-cooked meals with no planning, no shopping and no hassle required.


Everything required for weeknight meals, carefully planned, locally sourced and delivered to your door at the most convenient time for each subscriber.


Behind the scenes, a huge data driven technology platform puts us in the prime position for disrupting the food supply chain and for fundamentally changing the way consumers shop for food.

The soft subscription model business enables us to leverage our weekly subscriber touch points to consistently manage supply chains and demand, and to optimise the customer experience as well as our business economics.


HelloFresh is at the forefront of disrupting a multi trillion dollar industry at the very beginning of its online transition.











Yellow Squash Flatbread







Marinated Kale + Quinoa Salad 








Roasted Cauliflower







Southwestern Black Bean Chili











Sweet Potato Black Bean Tacos 







































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