New Year’s Resolutions 2015

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Out with the old, and in with the new…




I think it’s essential to take personal inventory of our lives, not only when a year commences, but on a continuous basis..



Where do you invest your time?, Your creative energy?, and are you filled with joy and non tangible abundance?..



Life is too short to simply float through it without taking stock.



Sometimes that means cutting ties with things that only take away from our true being.. Whether it be an activity, a friend, or even a loved one, I’ve been through it all.





As a personal resolution going forward into 2015, I hope to continue to utilize  this platform not only to share the things I love in hopes to inspire, but to always commit to sharing in more than just an “on the surface” level. As a person who thrives on privacy, but also sharing (awkward).. disclosing my personal thoughts on any subject on a large platform is on the scary side lol. Many bloggers I see today effortlessly disclose their entire lives, but being engulfed in grad school, sharing products, recipes, etc it sometimes escapes me.  Also, bearing the stress of applying for a highly selective medical internship is nerve wracking in itself so naturally.. I only include fragments of myself and my personal life via Eat Drink Shrink, until now




Since millions of us around the world take this time to set out to be better versions of ourselves in all areas, I thought I would take a huge leap and share particular quotes and ideas that continuously keep me living in the now, thriving, and filled with joy that comes organically..


I’m a huge advocate of positive affirmations. These and thousands of others can be saved to a hard drive and printed as images to keep them with you on the go. (highly recommend)


Here are a few quotes that I personally enjoy and still use today. I thought I would categorize them since I find that people are all over the place when it comes to self improvement. There is no correct way to go about it, but there are a few certain areas of our lives that I find truly dictate our surroundings and our interpretation of them.


Something to love. Something to give. Being kind to yourself.






If printed affirmations are not your cup of tea, I recently designed a 42 page book with personal images (I swear I’m not a narcissist lol) to create or select a quote for each week throughout 2015. I love to read positive words whether everything is picture perfect or far from it. I thought it would be interesting to develop a book of quotes containing specific words that speak to me over the course of a year. 


Once 2016 comes around (gosh that’s scary lol) you can offer yours to someone else in hopes to conjure up positivity and inspiration when someone needs it and perhaps even share why you chose it. Once I’ve completed about 6 months, I’ll share my list with you! If you create one as well, I’d love to hear yours too!







#1 Something to love:


Before finding my calling, I can distinctly remember feeling on edge whether or not I conveyed it to others. I wanted to wake up one day and just know where I was supposed to be, how I was going to serve the universe, and how I was going to hear Gods calling.  I realize that some may not have the same experience, but I feel confident that regardless, ..discovering where our talents lay and discerning how we can utilize them to serve others is a huge part of our very existence.


Life isn’t about just working a job that pays the bills, growing a family, and then retiring… to me its so much more than that.






To me its about finding what you love, and using your talents to make a positive impact. Regardless of our age, race, social class, education, or commitments to our friends and family, make time to find what you love, make time to hear your calling.  





Once you find what you love: 


As a New Yorker today, I think its safe to say.. that everyone is in a hurry. Foods are made on the go, products for skincare and haircare are for fast results, and everyone is looking for a shortcut. When did the world get into such a hurry?! We know that we need to slow down when there is still a market for things such as “Go-Gurts” (yogurt on the go)


I don’t eat yogurt, but if you don’t have time for it, .. you probably need to slow down lol.


This quote isn’t about yogurt though, simply put, nothing happens overnight, and if it did.. we wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy those beautiful moments when things actually come together. Whether your path has a few bumps in the road ahead, ENJOY THE JOURNEY.  (you’ll miss it when its gone.)




#2 Something to give:


So why is giving such an imperative part of growth and self discovery?


I never realized the true value of giving back until I experienced volunteering (lots of it). I have offered my time and efforts with everything from animal shelters, teaching nutrition workshops with various non profits, and producing fundraisers. Whether we give something tangible or simply offer our efforts, giving selflessly without expectation of a return is how we receive true abundance in our lives. It is not until we lose ourself in the service of others, that we can truly experience joy. When I discovered my calling I felt so truly blessed, that all I wanted to do was give back to show my sincere gratitude to the universe. Though we make a living by what we do, we ultimately make a life, by what we give. 


I can’t imagine my life today without taking the time to give back. It enriches our lives, and creates positive energy for the universe. Find a way to give back, as much as you can, in any way that you can, as often as you can. 





#3 Be kind to yourself:


As you would imagine, I had to share the importance of being kind to yourself. By being kind, I mean giving yourself a break when you need it, accepting yourself.. your story, your accomplishments, and especially your failures, but most importantly..  loving your body by providing it with the foods that make you feel alive. I know, I know, I study nutrition so I’m biased, but although I have a near masters in nutrition.. I’m still human. I too have the occasional calorie splurge with a nice glass of wine.. or two, (true story), but at the end of the day.. I fill my body with the highest quality foods I can afford.




What’s an unusual paradox in today’s society is that millions of us would rather spend a little extra here and there to purchase a clothing etc, but very few of us can rationalize spending out when it comes to our food. What we consume on the inside, ultimately will show on the outside, but we won’t be able to remove it like a coat.. (metaphor, see what I did there)


 Perhaps this health movement is new to some cultures and we’re naturally comfortable buying foods that we know and have loved for years. Whatever the case may be, treat your body with kindness. Everything you put into it has the power to dictate not only our longterm health, but the ability to influence our emotions and ultimately our perception of life. 


So does this mean we should be open to going into debt from purchasing fancy foods or buy ALL organic produce? No, absolutely not, but you do need to see the value in fueling your body with the right nutrients. See the importance, see the value, be kind to yourself. 






In addition to fueling your body with high quality nutrient dense foods, I enjoyed both of these quotes. With our continued fascination with instant gratification, naturally it filters down to our expectations of losing weight… overnight. Unfortunately, just like the Gogurts, we need to slow down, and we need to be kind to ourselves. 


I see both of these issues surrounding those who want to improve their health. Many pursue eating less and exercising perhaps once a week, or not even at all. Slightly eating less unhealthy foods can have weight loss effects if you’re at an extremely large weight. Overall though, we are continuing this battle with ourselves by not letting go of the foods that don’t serve us. 


I’ve been vegan, raw vegan, and everything in between, but what’s an integral part of manifesting wellness is not only combining exercise with healthy foods, but giving ourselves time to retrain our tastebuds. It can potentially take upwards of a month to adjust our tastebuds depending on the degree of  “food products” consumed, but in the end we need to slow down, we need to be kind to ourselves. Wellness is not a diet, it doest happen instantly, or in the midst of preparing for bikini seasons, but its a lifestyle, and one that can make you see the world entirely different. 






So you have to ask yourself.. 


For many of us though, we never arrive at a place in our lives where we are searching for what we love to do, but rather someone to love, not thinking of giving back but more about the tangible things to have a life of abundance, or perhaps we are not giving ourselves the love we need and deserve?


Though it may appear trite, this quote is simple, direct,  yet thought provoking, …If you feel as though you’ve hit an impasse in your life, maybe its time we stop and ask ourselves.. What’s stopping us?!





I hope these affirmations offer some perspective & I hope that you too..


Find something to love, something to give, and are kind to yourself in 2015.. 


Cheers to a NEW YEAR, and another chance for us to get it right. Let us all shine bright..




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