Best Apps for Women 2016

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Hello & Happy Saturday!!







In a sea of app options, what are the best in 2016?!



Here’s a first hand look at some of the best apps on the block from nutrition to shopping and everything in between.While some apps may be just wasteful of your time, others are quite useful in manifesting wellness, being more organized, and ultimately saving time and money. 



Don’t believe me?! Studies show that phone apps can mitigate symptoms of chronic disease and increase life expectancy! 



Check out these apps below and let me know what you think!





Daily Burn 



About the App

Keep track of calories consumed and track workouts to see how much energy is burned. The app is backed by the online fitness community DailyBurn Tracker.



  • Gives a range of calories to eat each day and the opportunity to set goals based on your fitness goals, age, weight and gender or activity level.
  • Shows a Nutrition Facts food label with each food entered (even for generic foods, like a pear).
  • The scan, “in your favorite list” and the calorie breakdown are provided for each food individually and for the total intake for the day.
    Able to track weight for up to six months.
  • Additional information and support offered at
  • Offers a database of more than 350,000 foods and their nutrition information and also provides a bar code scanner to scan foods.







2013_01_15_yourtipofthedayAbout the app: 

Created by the Dietitians of Canada, eaTipster delivers daily healthy eating tips to your mobile devices. The app addresses common food and nutrition questions and concerns and provides tips to increase healthy eating, support a healthy weight and fight chronic disease.



  • Simple navigation.
  • Tips are grounded in nutrition science and current research.
  • Practical, easy-to-understand daily tips delivered in a personable and conversational tone.
  • Wide variety of food and nutrition topics covered.
  • Save favorite tips to review later with just one touch.
  • Set daily reminders to receive new tips at the time of day you need it most.
  • Easily share tips with friends and family via email, text, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Link to additional web resources from the app.
  • Available in French.
  • No advertisements.
  • The eaTipster app delivers practical healthy eating tips that can be used immediately. The fact that this app is developed by registered dietitians adds credibility that many health apps lack.





Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker



About the app:

350x350_the_best_nutrition_apps_of_2016_calorie_counter_and_diet_trackerTracks food, exercise, weight and all the nutrients listed on a Nutrition Facts label. Also includes daily inspirational articles, healthy recipes and an easy-to-understand Help section.



  • The analysis section is detailed: Love the charts, which show all major nutrients including vitamin C, iron and calcium. One of the charts includes alcohol in the equation, which is a nice visual.
  • Logging-by-voice feature is a unique addition to this app.
  • Database of foods is large: 100,000.
  • Easily able to log common and recently eaten foods and meals, and a bar code scanner helps find nutrition information of foods on hand.
  • Community and forums are offered for group support.





Grocery Gadget



Who doesn’t want to save time and money. “Be organized at home and the supermarket.” The tagline says it all. Grocery Gadget app saves you from the tedious task of preparing a shopping list. It includes features like syncing your grocery list with your family members, reviewing pictures of the products you want, free cloud backup, and e-coupons to simplify your grocery management. So, the next time you want your husband to buy the right items, just share this list with him.





sitorsquat-pngSit or Squat


Created by toilet paper super-brand Charmin, SitOrSquat helps you find suitable restrooms in unfamiliar areas. The app not only shows nearby bathrooms, it offers a user-generated rating system to help you avoid less-than-pleasant (and less-than-clean) facilities.







Gluten Free Restaurant Cards 


About the App

The Gluten Free Restaurant Cards app allows people managing celiac disease or gluten intolerance to safely and easily dine out, even in another country. This app has more than 40 card images in different languages that can be presented to explain dietary restrictions to the restaurant staff, allowing a person to eat right regardless of language barriers.



  • Can select different languages.
  • Useful for those who travel and suffer from celiac disease.
  • Reports accurate information with definitions and further information.







unknown-3Thumbopoly is the first premium lifestyle slot game for women. Spin to win luxury prizes you covet from premium brands you’re obsessed with, and coupon codes you crave from your favorite stores. Our virtual currency is called Thumbucks – they are what you use to spin and what you win on the slot wheel. The amount of Thumbucks you win on the wheel directly determines what type of real prize you will be awarded. 


Thumbopoly will give you FREE Thumbucks daily, but if you need more, click the dollar sign to earn them by completing activities like watching short videos, taking a survey, or referring a friend. Thumbopoly introduces you to new brands and products that are soon to be your favorites! Follow them on IG here.  Download here










unknownIf you’ve ever bought something full price only to see it at another store for less, you know the struggle. ShopSavvy ensures that will never happen again — it tracks sales from your favorite stores, as well as offers a unique barcode scanning feature. Scan the barcode of an item you’re thinking of purchasing, and the app will let you know if it can be found elsewhere for less!






Shop Well



The field of calorie-counting apps is heavily saturated, but ShopWell still manages to stand out. The app is all about personalization. Enter in your height, weight, age, and allergies, and then it scores every food you can think of on how healthy it is for you—the closer to 100, the better. And it even makes individual recommendations for similar, healthier products to eat instead. (Free; iOS and Android)







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