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I recently had the opporuntiyt to attend the 23rd Annual Spain’s Great Match event featuring Olives From Spain at the IAC HQ building in New York City.







 The event produced by the Tourism Institute of Spain celebrates the distinctive wines, food and culture of Spain. American importers and distributors of Spanish food and wines presented their best products, to food and wine industry professionals and consumers in New York City. Tutored regional tasting seminars in addition to the walk-around tasting was also featured. 


While the majority of us typically gravitate towards wines sourced within the U.S., I feel as though it’s imperative to branch out and explore other varieties. This theory holds true for food as well!







In total I would say that there was upwards of 40 different wine vendors offering roughy 8-10 different options and for the vast majority the representatives from Spain, which truly enhanced the experience. I personally loved the Cava, which are comparable to a prosecco, which is an italian champagne. There were crispy, tart full of flavor, and the market prices were typically all affordable ranging from 10-20 per bottle.


What I enjoyed most though out of the entire experience was learning about olives. For the longest time I was deterred by the flavor, but as we grow older, our taste buds evolve, and today.. I love olives!! While I don’t use them as much in my cooking, after learning more about the industry as a whole and tasting various combinations that cater to both salty and sweet my perception has shifted.



Did you know that while a lot of olives are derived from Italy, there is an abundance that are actually from Spain?








While exploring all of olive varieties I was able to sample some of the small plates with various combinations and was greatly impressed. They had of course the classic olives with almonds, red pepper and cheese, but they also had creations that were more fruit forward which I immensely enjoyed. 


When I think of olives I envision them in something greek inspired, or stuffed, or made into a tapenade, which I love. However, I rarely consider them something that would be paired with a sweet flavor profile.



My favorite combination?!

Black olives with fresh orange, and mint


Although it may sounds obscure, the look was aesthetically pleasing and the flavors actually blended seamlessly together to create a more crispy and less savory combination. The had other similar concepts with fresh fruit such as pears etc, but I really loved the olives with fresh orange and mint.












To confirm that I wasn’t completely out of my mind, I observed the table and the countless people who came to test the small bites and everyone was greatly impressed. What I can safely say is that although olives are typically paired with cheese and or savory items, we can truly think outside the box and integrate other olive combinations to create something more modern.


If you’re looking to learn more about the olives from Spain or explore more olive inspired recipes click here









Also, they host this event annually, so be sure to stay in the loop for next years event.. You don’t want to miss it!



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Why Olives From Spain?!

unknownSpanish olives are a flavorful, versatile, novel, sophisticated and nutritious. There is a longstanding history and tradition of olive production in Spain, which is now being combined with the most advanced technology available. This guarantees the highest possible levels of food safety and quality.


Furthermore, Spain is a world leader in the production and exportation of table olives, which demonstrates its expertise and ongoing adaptation to the tastes and needs of consumers worldwide. All of this, along with the enormous range of olives available on the market in Spain, make it a unique source beyond compare.












































Olives From Spain #olivesfromspain #greatmatchny
















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