Holiday Pet Gift Guide 2016

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Hello & Happy Thursday!!





If you haven’t heard the glorious news, after 6 years of college I’ve finally decided to cave and get a dog! I can’t even begin to articulate just HOW much I miss having a dog, but with being inundated with 18 credits during undergrad and grad school that just never ended, I didn’t think it was fair to an animal. Some use a crate while not home or hire dog walkers, but I wanted to wait until I worked from home full time to spend all the time in the world with my pup. 



That time is now.


Now that I work from home full time for the past 6 months, Eat Drink Shrink is finally getting a mascot! … and his name, is Burt lol. Since I’m a planner, I wanted to hand picked everything and have it ready before he even gets here. (true story) As a Georgia native, my heart burst at the thought of monogramming everything. 


“If it doesn’t have a pulse, monogram it.”



While you can purchase items from large retailers, I love to utilize Etsy designers as there is a lot of love and detail that goes into these items and it aids in keeping small businesses thriving. To better help you navigate purchasing speciality items for your pup I aggregated a list of items I purchase that I’m just completely enamored with. Make sure to place your order soon to receive it before the Christmas!
















I truly am enamored with the Suzabellas Etsy shop! She can personalize just about anything and everything from dog ornaments to custom dog bowls, dog treat jars (must have this), Susabellas has you covered! The bowls I received are the perfect size, no imperfections, durable, washable, ands that personal touch I love. While store bought bowls get the job done, these will outlive your typical bowls, are not made with harsh toxic plastics, and are just beautiful. If you’re looking for a custom dog bowl she has this design and others!


About the company:


Susabella began out of my passion for graphic design, making things by hand and my love for all things wedding, baby and home related. I am able to combine all these aspects into my ceramic work and I hope it brings to joy to many others too!



What’s another reason to love Suzabellas?!

A percentage of proceeds are donated to!


Save 10% off your next order by entering code EATDRINKSHRINK10 at checkout! (expires 12/31/16)


Here’s the link to my shop and social media sites:









Bow Wow Beds


Once I made the decision to get a puppy, the first objective that came to mind was finding the perfect dog beds to add to our home. While stores are inundated with everyday beds, I wanted to purchase something that was more modern, simple, washable and blended with our color scheme of our home. After much research I happened to find Bow Wow Beds on Etsy! Ironically, I had seem them on Instagram for quite some time so it was serendipitous to fall in love with their dog bed designs! BB offers a wider variety of dog bed covers in a myriad of sizes, fabrics, and colors. In addition to being hand made, moderately priced, they personalize anything you want however you want. I selected two beds in two different sizes and colors to get some diversity in Burt’s beds.


The colors are perfect, the material washable, and you can simply fill with standard size pillows. Based on the size of your dog crate they can also provide a dog bed that fits perfectly inside. I also love the fact that the dog beds are more portable once the pillows are removed so that you can take them with you while traveling. In addition to the beds they also offer dog crate covers. While many may not be familiar with this product I truly love it. Not only does it conceal the cage when you have guests over as a cage is somewhat of an eyesore in a home, but it offers more of a protective environment for your pup and aids in providing warmth while in the cage. All in all, I love this company, their creative designs, and the amount of detail that goes into everything! I highly recommend BB!!



About the company: 


iusa_400x400-36133910_sictBow Wow Beds was established over a decade ago when we adopted a Great Dane puppy named Vader. We are a small family owned business offering a large variety of items to our customers! We work hard to provide unique products made from quality fabrics that are available in many sizes! Every pet bed cover and dog crate cover is handmade to order in our smoke free shop located near Lexington, Kentucky.



Enter code EatDrinkShrink to receive 10% off at











Oh Pudge


Where do I begin with Oh Pudge! Gone are the days of boring dog tags and collars. The idea of spending $20 to purchase an everyday tag seems unimaginable after observing the hard work and details that can go into creating the perfect tag for your pet. While many just may look at a dog tag as something you don’t need to put much thought into, I completely disagree and feel that its a way to use your personalization skills to really create something fun that will last forever. the founder was a breeze to work with and created the perfect tag for Burt. In addition to a timeless dog tag she also created a necklace for me to wear that mirrors the same design as Burts. Call me silly, but a necklace that pairs with your pets is just precious! I love the concept and had yet to come across anything like it. I highly recommend her shop as I enjoyed all of her designs from the tags to the handmade collar! (the back of the dog tag reads “Return to Eat Drink Shrink”, true story lol)






About the company: 


I am a Mother of two, Wife of one, “Dog Mom” to two and meal dispenser of two cat. My mother taught me how to thread a sewing machine early on and somewhere during college getting my degree in Social Work, I began to make my own patterns. When my son was born I became a stay at home mom and my interest in sewing really took off. I taught myself many things along the way and made some real messes out of perfectly good fabric! Then along came my daughter which opened a whole new world…little baby dresses.

Over the last five years I have acquired some great sewing machines and learned a few lessons and now I’m ready to try my hand at my own Etsy shop. From wallets, purses, t-shirt quilts, clothing and more I have finally found something I am ready to sell.













With moving into a new apartment and  the holidays around the corner I was elated to start decorating! Having just completed six years of college, I honestly never got into decorating mode as I was going from final exam to final exam and then jumping on a train to leave the NYC for the holidays. Needless to say, this year I was more than ready and prepped to bring my decorating A game. One of the most essential items for christmas outside of a tree is stockings! Sad, but true, we never had any in our previous apartment so I was on a mission to find the perfect set that were both modern, handmade, and personalized to accent our home.





As a whole, everything I came across just appeared very everyday, nothing unique with materials or designs and always just too loud with harsh Christmas colors. When I came across Twenty Eight 12 I was instantly sold on their approach to creating the perfect handmade stockings. I love the burlap fabric, the handmade tags, and the sleek letters! These patterns will blend seamlessly with a variety of holiday color schemes and are just made so well! Other things I love about this shop is that the founder studied nutrition in California! (sold)


If you’re looking for the perfect handmade stockings for our holiday decor, you have to check out Twenty Eight 12 designs!



Ab0ut the company:


isla_280x280-22655425_93phkk0wFlashback to 2012 when we opened up our “small” shop. Two friends who met in interior design school, having the same ideas and drive to start a business together as an outlet for their passion for design. Never would we have imagined the growth and support we’ve received. As moms and business owners, we try to find the balance between growing our business, raising our children and being wives.


It’s not always peanut butter and jelly, but we always push forward never looking back. Our home offices have been transformed into a space where we find ourselves working all hours of the day and night and we are most grateful that our daily commute is in arms reach of our families. We can both say that we truly enjoy what we do.


The Process Behind our Products:
Each and every one of our items has been designed by us as a collaboration. The process begins with hours and hours of design research. Once we decide on the design and shop the materials, we create and hand draw a custom pattern. We then sew a prototype. It usually takes us making anywhere between 5-10 samples before we finalize the design and begin production. We often find ourselves laughing at all the hats we wear and wonder how we do it all. Not only do we design, produce (with the help of a few seamstresses) and ship our products, we are also the hands behind the product photos, social media marketing, communication with our customers and everything else in between.


Social media:








A Southern Bucket:


I don’t know about you, but I love to keep things organized, even dog toys! Before you know it, after owning a dog you have countless toys you’ve collected. Some that are brand new, others ripped to shreds, but that your pet still loves and if not given a designated area to be stored they’ll just be scattered everywhere. Needless to say, I wanted to get Burt his own tub to store all his play times, have it be monogrammed (of course!), and be durable so that it will outlive the others you can find everywhere. While this particular item is more on the pricier side, I love the monogramming that won’t become damaged or faded over time, the fabric is durable and washable, the sizing is huge and can hold a myriad of items while still keeping shape, its great for traveling and adds a nice touch to your even your living room. What I love about this Etsy shop is that she offers a wide variety of options and is very accommodating with modifying the design to create your vision. If you’re looking for a timeless dog bin that will look fab and not drab over time, you have to check out A Southern Bucket!





About the company:

a southern bucket was born out of the creative spark my two beautiful girls light in me. a southern girl who loves burlap and metal, i knew married together they would make a great pair. all of my items are functional and add texture and a flair that will not go unoticed…… use my buckets or glass vases for weddings,bridal luncheons or showers OR simply enjoy the character they add to your home.








Last but not least, if there is one item you need for yourself, and not your pet this holiday, it’s organic vegan candy by Hunnybon Sweets!

Order your box today!

(as seen on the Wendy Williams Show)

















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