Pure Barre Review

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Pure Barre




With a plethora of options for fitness classes, I thought I would share my current fave Pure Barre.


I’ve been hitting the gym since I was 15/16, so as you would imagine by this time the idea of getting on the treadmill has become more and more of an unfulfilling experience over time. Like thousands of others, we get into a rut with our fitness routine, typically hit a plateu with our results and eventually begin to lack interest in going altogether. 



With eveything that we do, my ongoing philosophy is that you have to keep it interesting. Whether it’s your workout routine, your go to recipes, and anything for that matter. By emphasizing variety, you’ll keep yourself on your toes, be more engaged with any task whether it be working out or cooking a meal at home. 






In a world that provides endless options for fitness classes, where do you go?


Depending on your goals for physical activity you may gravitate more towards certain styles. After exploring everything from spinning at Soul Cycle, to rowing at City Row, I can confidently say that I like them all for different reasons. 


I prefer classes that provide me with more results and integrate a variety of components to ensure that I’m hitting every muscle in my body and getting the most out of my workout. 


That being said, Pure Barre was all of that.. and then some. 






I’ve taken a ton of pilates classes and I would describe the technique as similar to that, but you are supplied with better tools to target more areas and you’re on your feet a lot more. Oh, and its a million times better than any pilates class you’ve ever been to. 


Although my first impression prior to class was that it was going to be a piece of cake, ..I was way off


The class runs for 55 minutes and involves non. stop. movement. 



Class recaps: 

1st class: Learned tons of new techinuqes, got winded twice (truth), body sore, but not overwhelmingly sore and can see a difference in just one class. (never happens)


2nd class: New instructor, Smaller group, same set up with a few slight variations. 


3rd class: New instructor, small group, new challenging variations at both the bar and on the floor that work muscles I never knew existed, used the ball between legs versus the bands around the legs to ensure that they are always engaged. 


4th class: This class was the more advanced one they offer a few times a week and if I can confidently say anything, it’s that you need to take this class, like yesterday. Although some similar variations are used that you experience in other classes, the repetition is faster, the moves are harder and you get to use this step stool that takes the poses “next level”. After taking this class only once, yes, I was super sore, but more than anything, I could see the result the next day. With that being said, I truly can’t say enough about Pure Barre. I loved it. You must take a class!



All in all I feel refreshed and energized, not overly famished, sweaty and in need of a shower/nap. In junction with some cardio, these classes are the perfect match to get an all over body work out that tightens and tones your core and arms. 


I’m hooked. 




Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 8.45.06 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 8.44.59 PM



My favorite aspect of the class is that you get to incorporate the bar with moves, which provides more balance and even the poses propped against the wall positioned you at better angles to allow you to engage your core effortlessly, which I loved!


What I found really vital is that the instructor shows you how to position your body. That knowledge is indispensable as its applicable to every method of exercising to achieve better results and tone your core.



From being a yoga instructor, I haven’t worn socks while taking a class nor have I been in carpeted room in a long time, but after the first 10 minutes of class it made sense. To add more resistance and prevent sliding, the socks are necessary. While the carpet isn’t as appealing as hard wood floors perhaps, at the end of the day it will ultimately prevent people from falling as you’re not required to wear the slip resistant socks. (accident waiting to happen)


After just one class, I can confidently say that you can effortlessly obtain an entire full body workout in just 55 minutes, which will provide better results versus your gym routine any day.






What’s even better?



Although Pure Barre is franchised, the beauty of that is there are nearly 100’s of Pure Barre locations throughout the U.S., making it even easier to keep up your routine while traveling. 


Also, all of these amazing sequences from class can be done at home in case you can’t make to a Pure Barre. 


As a well seasoned yogi & nutritionist, I give it two thumbs up



More things I’m crazy about?!

Instead of a juice detox that can be loaded with sugar and leave you craving more calories, I love the concept of the Splendid Spoon soup cleanse and the Hungry Root spiraling meals!! 





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