Managing Energy Levels During the Holiday Season

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In all my years of advocating for plant based wellness, I’ve tried a myriad of powders of everything you can imagine. From pink dragonfruit powder, to pomegranate, chlorella, mesquite, beet, Spirulina, wheatgrass, and prob many more, but how do you select your favorites?



What I personally love about supplemental powders is that the shelf life is longer than that of produce, making it a better value in the long run, and it can blend into whatever you like, and influences me to be more vigilant of how much fluids I consume daily.



Depending on what my objective is for the day will determine which powder I reach for. If I’m looking for a healthy glow I find that powders such as beet, pomegranate, and acerola cherries with the highest vitamin c content really add vibrancy to the skin. If its right in the midst of the hectic holiday season two things are for sure. I’m running myself ragged with work and taking on cooking and entertaining for Thanksgiving ultimately leaving me exhausted and less enthusiastic about the holidays altogether, and I love the holidays!








Due to long nights working, planning and preparing for entertaining I typically lose sleep from wanting to accomplish everything on my to do list before its time for bed. While it may be the cultural norm to reach for an OTC sleep medication I try and reduce my intake of medicine to a bare minimum unless absolutely warranted, especially with sleep aids. I feel as though sleep aids are perhaps effective, but they leave me feeling drowsy the next morning and I prefer to pursue more organic measures for a good nights rest. 


Mediation before bed or what I like to refer to as “quitting the mind” aids in preparing my mind to come to a rest to prepare for sleep. While it may sound obscure, many times we toss and turn once in bed. Through preparing to quiet the body and focusing on the breathe we’re able to reach that place much faster. This practice in junction with chamomile tea and magnesium can seamlessly alleviate late night restlessness during the holidays. Get my variation to the classic Savasana Pose below! I recently had the oppoutint to explore youtheory® Sleep Nighttime Powder and a had a very positive experience. 







youtheory® Sleep provides broad-spectrum support for occasional sleeplessness and promotes restorative sleep This product has the ability to calm the mind, promote rapid onset of sleep, improve sleep quality, and has a natural lemon-lime flavor. The flavor is mild, blends seamlessly with water, and has no added sugar, or funny side effects!






Other items I was able to experience was their youtheory® Maca powder! Maca (commonly known as Peruvian Ginseng) is cultivated at high altitudes in the Andes Mountains of Peru. This root vegetable is historically used for nutritional and health purposes.  Its many traditional uses include: food, energy, hormone balancing, sexual functioning, PMS relief and menopause relief.


As someone whom is very sensitive to caffeine I actually am able to consume maca without any negative side effects. These two products, the Sleep and Maca powder actually work in tandem with each other as one provides that slight natural energy boost you may need amidst the holidays.



Their maca is 100% Peruvian grown material, sustainably sourced, dairy free, soy free, no gluten ingredients, traditionally used to boost energy, stamina and endurance, supports reproductive health, helps alleviate symptoms associated with PMS and menopause. 







With the holidays upon us, we call all use a natural jumpstart to our day as well as a good nights sleep! Having the option to reach for youtheory® Maca  & or Sleep Powder will not only provide clean energy and more hours of sleep, but will do so while simultaneously providing nutrients!



If you’re looking for those staple supplement powders you need youtheory® Maca and Sleep Powder!



Find the products on and try all of these benefits for yourself!










Corpse Pose Variation


Many experience difficulty finding their zen while in corpse pose. For some its due to lower back injuries or simply having stiff joints. I have found that variations assist with falling into a deeper relaxation. Today after years of practice I like to think that I have a black belt in savasana, and now you will too!



  • Fold a blanket into a cylinder or use a round bolster.
  • Place the bolster underneath your knees and if you want to get super fancy raise your heels with another folded blanket under.
  • Place a rolled up yoga mat under your lower back to feel the full release.
  • Place a folded blanket over your lap and if you need the extra support one under your neck and cover your eyes.






Variation with a chair




  • Place your lower legs on the seat of a folding chair. (Your lower leg should lie parallel to the floor, if heels are lifted off of the chair, raise your lower back with folded blankets)
  • Place a folded blanket or roll your yoga matt under your neck/
  • Place a folded blanket over your abdomen. This will aid in softening the abdomen and encouraging deeper breathing.






*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.





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