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Hello & Happy Monday!!






While my full time job is cooking, my other full time job is taking care of a wild and crazy frenchie pup that I call Burt!


I’ve heard the saying that, “If you’re looking to prep for having a baby, get a puppy.” After having Burt for only 14 weeks, that statement definitely resonates with me lol. Since mid December, I typically wake up around 4am every morning to let him use the bathroom then go back to sleep. Needless to say, I haven’t slept through the night except perhaps 1 or 2 nights since we adopted him.


Hello parenthood.


Although I’ve had dogs as a child, dog products were not as diverse as they are today. Technology based products were nearly non existent and dog champagne would fall into that same category. 


What I love most about finding niche products, is sourcing them from small businesses. Gone are the days where you have to buy from behemoth size companies, as you have amazing hand made items for a bargain at the tips of your fingers!






With all the fab dog items on the market, below are the few that I’m totally enamored with and find out why!


Burt says “Thanks for stopping by!” lol








#1 Plush Pup


Upon becoming a mom again I started researching how I could make an income while staying at home with my new baby boy. Always loving designing and creating anything I started to open an Etsy shop. Plush Pup is my second Etsy shop opened to express my love of pets. Great fabric resources encouraged me to make pet bed covers and duvets from designer fabrics that most would not have access to making a Plush Pup dog bed unique.





Save 10% on your next order by entering code “Woof10”

See more of her designs here

Follow her on Instagram here



Review: Plus Pup designs hand made toys and dog bed covers with tons of fun designs. The material is durable, washable, and the toy bones are just so precious! Gone are the days of having to throw out pet beds. Simply throw the covers in the wash and get new pillows if needed. You can’t beat the price, craftsmanship, and fast delivery of Plush Pup!











#2 Sublime Birdy



Stitching my way to a creative and passionate life…

As an artist and graphic designer I am in love with color and texture and after a long and often stressful career I am shifting gears away from the stress to “stitch” myself a more creative and passionate life.

What does that look like?

Sometimes it means creating sketches to bring an idea to vision. Sometimes it is shopping for supplies. If I am lucky, it is delivering orders to the post office on the 1970’s circa three-speed Raleigh Sport bicycle or an afternoon dog photo shoot with some amazing four legged models! It definitely includes many hours at a sewing machine which is my artistic tool of choice and some fab fabric as my canvas!

My goal is to create fresh and colorful utilitarian pieces to be used in everyday life which may include taking an unworn garment and bringing it back to life as something else or incorporating a unique touch, a surprise element or my love of nature into my pieces.


See more designs here

Follow Sublime Birdy on Instagram here



Review: Where do I begin with this fab rain coat from Sublime Birdy! Her shop offers other designs outside of dog apparel, but she specializes in raincoats and I simply love them. She provides an array of patterns and the quality is perfect compared to the ones you may stumble across The outside is more of a plastic material while the inside is a light fabric. There is two velcro straps to keep it locked into place and the hood covers just enough. This piece was a tad too big at first on Burt, be he can fit into it now. If you love fun apparel, you need this raincoat!










#3 Pet Play





P.L.A.Y. makes quality dog beds with pets, people, and the planet in mind. When we were looking for quality dog beds for our own four-legged friends, we couldn’t find one that fit our lifestyle as modern pet owners, so we made our own.

Each bed is crafted for maximum comfort and ergonomic support, feature stylish and easy to care for covers, and are made from sustainable materials to protect Mother Earth.

We understand the needs of today’s pet owners, and craft quality dog beds to meet these needs through multiple washes, days in front of the tv, and nights when your bed or lap is unavailable.


Save 15% off the Pet Play Farm Fresh Veggie Toy Set by entering code: EATDRINKSHRINK at checkout. 


See more of their designs here

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Review: When someone tells me that a dog toy, is just a dog toy, I have to disagree! As a nutritionist and chef I was completely enamored with Pet Play’s food designs. From burgers and shakes to an array of veggies, they have tons of fun modern toys for your pup. Burt loves the corn as the ears make sounds and he loves to carry around the pepper as it has the perfect amount of fabric to fling it around! In addition to wonderful festive toys, they are known for the handmade dog beds that are hypoallergenic and washable! Check out their website for more niche dog items!











#4 Fresh Patch 




​I started this company out of my car – delivering 10 to 15 Fresh Patches per week. It was hard at times, but my early customers kept me going. They told me how much they loved Fresh Patch and what a difference it made in their day to day lives. These early customers provided me with honest feedback – helping me figure out ways to improve the product and service over time.

I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of Fresh Patch. It has been and continues to be an amazing journey.

– Andrew & Chloe






Save 5% by entering code “SHARKTANK” at checkout

Check out their grass pad options here

Follow them on Instagram here









Review: If there was one product out of this entire list that will change your life as a pet owner, it’s Fresh Patch. I had previously seen these types of items over the years, but I believe they were only fake grass. However, I stumbled upon this company and was very intrigued about the concept of using real grass. Needless to say, this product will save your life no matter if you’re a new or seasoned pet owner. The grass pads are shipped to your door in a cardboard box, come in an array of sizes, and you can modify the frequency of receiving them. However, I recommend two weeks max! As someone who rents an apartment, it isn’t practical to be able to take your pup outside at a moments notice on top of the fact that the temperatures were very frigid. While dog pads are good, dogs typically don’t want to use them for #2. Thus the real grass not only serves as a quick option for when they need to go, but the smells don’t fill your home, the grass is lush, for puppies it gets them acclimated to being outdoors and its much more pleasant to have around versus dog pads. I highly recommend Fresh Patch and had such a wonderful experience that we get one every two weeks! I also would advise to order the crate that holds it as it will prevent them from chewing the cardboard and making a mess of your home. 















#5 Sage & Bones




The first teepee we made was for our puppy Ella, and she loved it so much that we decided to make more, and share it with everyone!
All of the teepees are handmade with lots of love in Los Angeles, CA.


Enter code “EatDrinkShrink17” to save 10% on your next order

See other options here

Follow them on Instagram here



Review: At first I wasn’t quite sure about the whole dog tee pee movement. Do they just make for fun photographs of your pet or will dogs really use them? The answer is, they love them! In addition to her designs being handmade, a great price point, and coming in an array of prints, Burt loves it! While these are perfect for small dogs, you can adjust the ties at the top to make it wider to accommodate a slightly larger dog. All I know is, whenever I leave to go run errands and check on him via Petcube, he always pops his head out of the tent lol. If you’re looking to mix things up I highly recommend a dog tee pee! They are unique, perf for summer, and look festive in your home. 











#6 Claylicious 



My name is Eshkar. I am the artist behind Claylicious. I work out of my garage-io studio in between loving and caring for my three wonderful children. Like life, I like things being perfectly un-perfect. Therefore, my work will sometimes look similar, but will hardly ever be exact.

I fell in love with clay the moment I touched it. From taking a pottery class as little girl in Israel, to become a self taught potter in the states, pottery has become who I am. And my inspirations and the love of my surroundings – family, the ocean, mountains, music, friends – are profoundly expressed in the diversity of my work.


See more of her designs here

Save 10% off your next order by entering code “EATDRINKSHRINK”

Find them on Instagram @clayliciousla


Review: I don’t know about you, perhaps its because I’m a Southern native, but I love monogramming! Perhaps a dog bowl or treat jar is just that, but why not purchase something that will outlive those items, that’s handmade, beautiful, and adds decor to your home. Claylicious specializes in handmade clay items and while dog items are just a small portion of what she does, I love the quality of her designs! If you’re looking for a handmade personalized item, check her out!













#7 PupJoy



Treat better, together

We’re founders Bill and Dustin. We built PupJoy to give dog parents like you a better experience in treating your best friend, with quality and service that is unequaled. We also help connect a community, where together we support animals in need and help independent artisan businesses thrive. PupJoy is happiness for your dog, in a box. It’s also conscious and compassionate. It’s your type of doggyhood, and we’re honored to be a part of it.


Helping paws©

Partnering with the BISSELL Pet Foundation, PupJoy’s Helping Paws Program helps give shelter animals a chance at life by donating $2 of every PupJoy Box purchase. Together, we are able to make a difference to the shelters and rescues that work tirelessly, everyday, to save lives.

BISSELL Pet Foundation exists to assist animal welfare organizations, providing resources to reduce the number of animals in shelters and rescues through pet adoption, spay/neuter programs, microchipping and foster care.

Enter code “EatDrinkShrink” to save $10 off any PupJoy Box plan

Sign up for their sample box here

Follow them on Instagram here



Review: While everyone is familiar with Bark Box, there are a ton of other wonderful sample dog boxes that provide exclusive organic toys and natural dog treats, one of those is PupJoy. They offer a wide variety of hand picked niche dog items that you can’t find at your local store and have them delivered right to your door. I love the dog champagne, red velvet cake, the ultra soft fun toys, and the fact that you get a ton in the box for a bargain. If you’re looking for natural dog products, you need to try PupJoy!

















#8 Mochi and Jolie





A Jewelry + Design House, Mochi & Jolie® is an expression of effortless personal style.

All Mochi & Jolie® Jewelry pieces are handcrafted by the best ateliers in limited numbers. They are offered exclusively at our online flagship store, directly to clients with reasonable prices and high level of service and quality.

Inspired by the true, unconditional love bonds between human and their four legged companions, MoMo™ by Mochi & Jolie® was born to design and create high quality and joyful everyday products that are animal inspired. In the meantime, an enviable collection of apparel, bows and toys for the fur kids under the brand name JoJo™ is in full swing.


Find more options here

Find them on Instagram here



Review: I know what you’re thinking, a dog necklace? I wasn’t too sure of how I would feel rocking a necklace of Burt, but I absolutely love it. Their designs are handmade, the quality is great and the price is a bargain! Mochi & Jolie offer other designs outside of their animal collection and even another design for dog owners if you’re not crazy about a dog tag. However, I love this piece so much, even my fiancé asked, well where is mine when I received it. A must buy for those true dog lovers!










#9 Petcube





Pets are family
We love our pets, but our busy lives can keep us apart when we want to stay close.

Founded in late 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco, Petcube is a global leader in Connected Pet, defined at the intersection of Connected Home and pet care. Its first product, Petcube Camera, is an interactive pet camera that lets pet owners see, talk to and play with their pets remotely from their smartphone. Petcube is dedicated to connecting people with their pets through technology.







See all Petcube products here

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Review: Where do I begin with the Petcube! Surprisingly, not everyone is aware of the glory that is the Petcube. For many of us, technology based items may come across as unnecessary or slightly confusing. However, as we have evolved to become more of a technology based society, these devices are essential in providing the best care for your pet.  This little cube is perfect for those days you can’t be there to care for your pet.


You simply connect your phone to the app for the Petcube and you can seamlessly watch your pet on a colored screen with sound, and allows you to talk and even play with them while using a red light. (which is ideal for cats, but dogs love it too!) On top of those features you can connect with other users and watch their pets as well making it a community for pet owners. While $200, may seem steep, it’s worth every penny and more. They are coming out with a device that does all of the above as well as gives treats soon! Stay tuned! (my only complaint is that viewing the app eats up your data, so be vigilant of your usage!)













#10 Willowear 



It all began with my husband and I uniting our lifelong love of animals, my 20+ years in the fashion industry, his 20+ years of business knowledge, and combining it to start Willowear in 2015.

With our unique mix of finance knowledge and fashion design experience we set up shop armed with a business plan, sewing machine, Willow our German Shorthaired Pointer, and Georgie our cat as our inspiration and chief fit models.

And we quickly discovered that our products would offer more than just playing dress up with the fur kids. Willowear’s mission is to enhance every pet and their owner’s unique personality with designer style fashion to move them ahead of the pack.


Enter code “Burt10” to save 10% off your next order

You can also visit to shop our complete collection.

Follow us on Instagram @Willowear!



Review: We all know I love monogramming, so a perfect handmade scarf with his name embroidered on it was a no brainer! While you can find scarfs everywhere, they are typically flimsy, fall apart, and don’t come in fab prints. Willow Wear offers handmade scarfs in an array of prints that can be embroidered and even include a matching scarf for the owner. If that’s not adorable, I don’t know what is! Don’t waste your money on countless everyday scarfs that don’t hold up, get one from Willow Wear!











# 11 V Dog Food



We’re vegans and we love dogs of all sizes, shapes
and scruffiness. In fact, we love all animals…cows, pigs,
chickens, you name it – we don’t discriminate. That’s why we make premium products that are animal & cruelty-free and don’t do bad things to our planet.

Our first commitment is to the health of pooches and
we’ve certainly done our research. Dogs are
omnivores and thrive on a nutritionally balanced
plant-based food. Our second commitment is to
minimize environmental degradation. With 80 million
dogs in the US alone, a vegan dog, like a vegan human,
leaves a much smaller paw print on our planet.



Review: I know what you’re thinking, vegan dog food? As someone who advocates for plant based foods though, I had to explore this product! Today there remains to still be only a few vegan dog food companies as this is somewhat of a new movement. However, with the typical lines of dog food containing some of the worst ingredients and the environment taking a hit with meat consumption altogether, the concept of vegan dog food isn’t far off of where we should be today. This line offers a few dog food items and treats. Since Burt was almost 8wks when we adopted him we had to be very vigilant of what he ate. If we gave him anything outside the realm of the dog food he was eating upon adoption, he became very sick. However, with Vdog food we were able to incorporate it into his food so that he can transition into vegan dog food. Out of all the foods he’s tried, he responded well to Vdog, that speaks volumes! Burt also loves the treats. I found that they last a long time, which increases the value of each bag, and the smell is pleasant and gives off an aroma of citrus and cloves. If you’re looking to explore vegan dog food, I highly recommend their products! 










#12 Holly Aiken 






Influenced by colors found in dime store aisles and vintage racing jackets, Holly’s bags are primarily made from vinyl and bold black webbing trim, accented by stripes or crisp geometric shapes. Her color palette is slightly retro and always just right.

Aiken earned her degree in Art and Design from the College of Design at North Carolina State University. What began as a side project for friends and family, quickly grew into the ubiquitous Holly Aiken Bags found all over Raleigh, North Carolina. Stitch, the retail design studio for Holly Aiken Bags, first opened in 2004 and moved to its current location on Hargett Street in 2008. In addition to retail space, Aiken devotes the second half of Stitch to the design studio and manufacturing facility of her distinctive bags and accessories. Every Holly Aiken Bag is built in North Carolina – cut by hand at Stitch, and sewn by local independent seamstresses.

Today, Holly Aiken remains true to her original vision to provide uncomplicated bags. As the collection grows and evolves, her distinctive look is always present in every piece – simple lines, distinctive colors and patterns, functional styling, and constructed with precision and care to withstand the daily grind.


Follow her on Instagram here



Review: I can’t stress how important it is to have a portable water dog bowl! on top of the fact that this is an important piece to being a dog owner, her designs are stylish and vegan! If you’re traveling in the car or simply need a bowl to have at the dog park, you have to check out her designs! She offers a handful of dog bowls and an array of purses and handbags. 









#13 Name That Cookie 




Handmade dog treat cookies cutters that can be monogrammed!


Find more options here


Review: Cute, affordable, can be designed to cater to your dogs breed and even put his name on them, sold!





















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