Blissoma Skincare Review

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As an advocate of natural beauty I jumped at the opportunity to work with the famous Blissoma skincare!!



Not only do they offer a diverse selection of skincare products, but their ingredients are 99% plant based, organic, and in their most natural form 



If you’re looking for a skincare line that truly fits the bill for “NATURAL” skincare.. 



Blissoma is a product line that I would highly recommend



My favorite Blissoma product I reviewed?!




The Beta Glucan Moisture Mask





Founder and Herbal Chemist, Julie Longyear




Blissoma is the elegant marriage of herbal form and function, created by the explorative mind of a scientific artist. When right brain meets left the result is botanical innovations that really work. I am proud to bring you the result of nearly a decade of my life’s work exploring the healing and enhancing possibilities of plants.


I am formally educated in art and chemistry and have had a voracious appetite for self-education and creation. I now have more than 10 years of experience working with herbs and essential oils. I began this path at age 23 when I graduated from college and had to take care of myself while dealing with debilitating migraines that made it nearly impossible to retain a regular job. I have slowly and steadily retooled my own lifestyle using botanicals to fortify and rebalance myself. I have ingested and applied all manner of plant remedies in my quest for overall wellness. To make the cut into my routines it has to work, and work well. I bring that same mentality to the skincare and botanical products we make.


I have spent hours poring over research and breaking new ground in order to defy contract manufacturer’s stock formulations. I am by nature a purist and perfectionist, which has helped create a sophisticated and unique collection of products that proactively heal and enhance your health.




Blissoma is different because our ingredients and our formulas are different. We have chosen to work with a much stricter ingredient palette than even most “natural” brands. An initial feel of our products demonstrates the difference as the texture, color, and smell all distinctly tell the story of the nutritive ingredients contained therein.


 The entire line eliminates petrochemical ingredients, parabens, and synthetic colors and fragrances while maintaining a sophisticated feel. We do not use “vegetable emulsifying wax”, pthalates, neuropeptides, or other artificial “beauty” chemicals.


Instead we choose active, potent ingredients that are based on nutrients, antioxidants, and advanced phytochemistry. Generally our ingredients are just 1 step away from the original plant material from which they came. We carefully research each of our botanicals to determine their most active principles and then each is extracted and added to our formulas in a way that preserves its most effective medicinal components. All products are 100% natural and almost our entire line is Certified Vegan, packed with certified organic botanicals, bioavailable vitamins, essential fatty acids, and skin-soothing seed oils



All Blissoma products are made at our herbal studio.



OUR MISSION Blissoma products enhance total body wellness, energy, and pleasure in convenient, unique ways that are accessible and sensible to the lifestyles of conscious consumers.



People PositivePeople Positive

Blissoma products are holistically beneficial to you, our employees, our suppliers and community. We support fair labor practices and partner with suppliers and peer companies that do the same. We seek cooperative success in our diverse and thriving marketplace.

Vegetarian and Animal Friendly


Vegetarian and Animal Friendly

All Blissoma products are 100% Vegetarian and most are Certified Vegan. No animal testing is ever utilized on our products. Our ingredient suppliers must also verify that our raw materials are not undergoing animal testing now or in the future.

Real Raw Plants

Real Raw Plants

Our discerning taste leads us to seek out truly innovative, living, clean and minimally processed plant ingredients. All products are gently manufactured by hand at our herbal studio to preserve therapeutic value. All ingredients are declared on our labels.


Global VisionGlobal Vision

We respect our agricultural suppliers worldwide. We support organic farming to lessen chemical exposure for agrarian societies and provide them a toxin-free life. We also donate to social and environmental charitable initiatives to improve life for all people.


Environmental IntegrityEnvironmental Integrity

Because Blissoma products are made from only organic botanicals and plant-based ingredients they are 100% biodegradable. We minimize waste during production and use recycled and recyclable materials in our packaging and printing.





Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.50.01 PM




Product Features

  • 18 active ingredients

  • For penetrating hydration of dry, stressed, inflamed, and mature skin types

  • 100% natural, botanical recipe with oatmilk, reishi and maitake mushrooms and cupuacu butter

  • 2 oz quantity provides enough to use product once weekly for 2 months

  • Creamy mask made with potent, liquid herb extracts and unrefined oils



Lavish is a luxurious moisture immersion for whenever skin needs unsurpassed calming and care.


Our thickest, richest recipe yet, this formula is manna from heaven for dry, stressed, sensitive, and inflamed skin. Anti-reactive herbs blend with a generous helping of restorative oils, oatmilk, and cupuacu butter to rebuild skin from deep within.


We begin with freshly infused organic oatmilk, a soothing powerhouse that has been well known for centuries as a traditional skin calming remedy. What our grandparents didn’t know was that Beta-glucans were part of why it works so well. Beta-glucans are special sugars from oats and mushrooms that have the ability to modulate the immune system. They are also capable of penetrating deeply through multiple layers of skin which means healing results in places other ingredients may not reach. Add to these nifty qualities the fact that they are anti-inflammatory and anti-aging and the humble oat starts to seem far more exciting.


Mushrooms are another key Beta-glucan source and we’ve included a hefty helping of beautiful Reishi and Maitake mushrooms to complement the oats.


That’s already a good boost of hydration but we didn’t stop there. Cupuacu butter is an Amazonian rainforest superhero of moisture retention for skin, sealing in what skin needs due to its rich phytosterol content. It softens, conditions, and fortifies skin with more than 10 antioxidant compounds as well.


Organic oils of Baobab, Pomegranate, Perilla, and Pumpkin make a synergy to soothe irritations whether they be from sun, wind, allergies, or chronic inflammatory conditions. Each of these oils is known to be helpful for eczema, dermatitis, chapping, and dryness. Together they offer up some beautiful results.


To all this we add organic St. John’s Wort, Astragalus, Self Heal, and Passionflower to pacify the pickiest skin. Calmed skin can put the best of its energy towards real daily healing.


A once a week mask with Lavish and your skin will be feeling like it has had the star treatment. If you suffer from chronic winter dry skin, redness, roughness, flakiness or just want to have more resilient, hydrated skin this needs to be on your to-do list.



Wash skin with mild soap or crème cleanser. Apply a consistent layer of mask to face and neck or to troubled spots as needed. Wait 15 to 20 minutes. Remove with warm water and gently pat dry. Tone and moisturize. For most skin types use once weekly.

Each 2 oz container provides 8 treatments.



Avena Sativa (oat) Kernal Milk*, Infusion of Passiflora incarnata* (passionflower), Astragalus membranaceus* (astragalus), Plantago major* (plantain), Prunella vulgaris* (self heal), Hypericum perforatum* (st. john’s wort), and Porphyra umbilicalis* (nori seaweed), Glycerin (vegetable origin), Theobroma grandiflorum* (cupuacu) seed butter, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate and Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Cucurbita pepo (pumpkin) Seed Oil*, Prunus armeniaca (apricot) kernal Oil*, Extracts of Grifola frondosa* (maitake mushroom), and Ganoderma lucidum* (reishi mushroom), Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Perilla frutescens Oil*, Soy Lecithin*, Aspen Bark Extract, Sorbitan Stearate, Adansonia digitata (baobab) Oil*, Punica granatum (pomegranate) Seed Oil*, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Xanthan Gum *from Certified Organic Agriculture








Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.53.17 PM

Blissoma Amend Facial Solar Repair


Product Features

  • 14 active ingredients

  • For ultra sensitive, mature, sun damaged, and all skin types and ages

  • 100% natural, botanical recipe to defend against and heal UV damage and prevent skin aging

  • 1 oz quantity provides enough to use product once daily for one month

  • Pomella trademarked pomegranate extract proven in studies to reduce free radicals and protect skin


Amend Facial Solar Repair Anti-Aging Serum is the ultimate, science-proven, fixer-upper treatment to undo the damage the sun lays on you each day.


This fresh serum is based on the formula for our already popular Amend body lotion which has been healing sun exposure for active people for years already. Instead of blocking rays it offers a superior boost of pomegranate antioxidant nutrition along with Coenzyme Q10 so your skin can protect itself from the inside out. Amend Facial Solar Repair Serum builds and defends collagen, firms skin, lessens wrinkles, decreases environmental damage and discoloration, and is your all around daily maintenance best friend – you won’t ever want to be without it.


Amend for face also layers effortlessly so you can apply it in addition to your favorite moisturizer, foundation, or sunblock products. The weightless feel won’t clog or make your skin feel greasy, just hydrated and balanced.


Pomella trademarked pomegranate extract is the star ingredient of this packed recipe. Pomella has been verified scientifically to reduce UV ray related cell death and free radicals generated in exposed skin. It also fights inflammation and contributes to reduced collagenase activity. Collagenases are pesky enzymes that degrade your collagen structure, contributing to a loss of tone and firmness. Pomella also up-regulates the Sirtuin SIRT1 gene related to longevity, helping your cells remain more vital. For this superpowered serum we’ve packed in the Pomella at a level more than 3 times our Amend body lotion for maximum benefit to your most exposed and delicate skin, your face.


Coenzyme Q10 offers a collaborative effect to the total formula, keeping the integrity of your cellular matrix for smoothness, elasticity, and wrinkle reduction. Oils of Acai and Cranberry continue to pack in the antioxidant punch with light conditioning that soaks right into skin. Healthful Rooibos and healing Club Moss, Comfrey, Linden, and Aloe create a base that works to your benefit as they soothe irritations and fight environmental stress.



Gently spread over face and neck after cleansing and toning. Absorbs quickly with no shine. Apply sun protection, moisturizer, or makeup to finish if desired. Use daily for best results.

Each 1 oz bottle is approximately 1 month of use, once a day.



Infusion of Aspalathus linearis* (rooibos), Taraxacum officinale* (dandelion), Lycopodium clavatum (club moss), and Calluna vulgaris* (heather flowers) Extract*, Aloe barbadensis Juice*, Water, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) Oil*, Euterpe oleracea (acai) Oil, Extracts of Tilia europaea* (linden), Symphytum officinale* (comfrey), and Calluna vulgaris* (heather flowers)*, Vaccinium macropacrpon (cranberry) Seed Oil*, Cetearyl Wheat Straw Glycosides and Cetearyl Alcohol, Cannabis sativa (hemp) Seed Oil*, Gluconolactone, Punica granatum (pomegranate) Extract, Ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10), Soy Lecithin*, Populus Tremuloides (Aspen) Bark Extract, Xanthan Gum *from Certified Organic Agriculture








Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 5.45.36 PM 

Blissoma Bright Eye Vitalizing Nutrient Serum



Product Update: Though not SUPER moisturizing, I feel as though it lightens the eye, LOVE using it in the a.m.


Product Features

  • 19 active ingredients

  • For the eye area, mature and sensitive skin types of all ages

  • Natural, botanical recipe with time release vitamin C, antioxidants, and anti-aging oils

  • .5 oz quantity provides enough to use product once daily for two months

  • Organic herbs freshly extracted at potent, healing concentrations


Bright is a superfood and nutrition-packed jump start serum to keep your eye area looking fresh and energized for years to come.


Your beautiful peepers are precious, and they’re also one of the first spots to show age, fatigue, dehydration, and stress. Bright accomplishes its anti-aging mission with a precisely crafted combination of organic herbs, vitamin and omega fatty acid rich oils, organic aloe, and time release, skin-activated Vitamin C. It spreads on like satin to leave you smooth and supple.


Vitamin C is a proven collagen builder and skin lightener, both of which are needed in the eye area. Enzymes on your skin break apart our stabilized Vitamin C as they are able to digest it, meaning you never get more released than your skin can actually use. Our serum is working hard for you for hours after application.


Next in the list of power players is a rich array of antioxidants. Organic Yerba Mate offers polyphenols, Eyebright gives caffeic and ferulic acids, and a high percentage of grape seed Proanthocyanidins offer free radical protection and fight inflammation to preserve your skin’s long term health, elasticity, strengthen the delicate capillary system in the eye area and improve microcirculation – valuable for flushing waste fluids and delivering beneficial nutrients.


Next come the oils, oh, the very best oils! Red Raspberry seed oil has been shown to have sun protective effects and absorbs lightly like a dream. Pomegranate is a rich and unique source of Omega 5 fatty acids, also shown to have sun protective benefits. Elegant Argan deeply conditions and Rosehip is a well known source of natural, safe, non-irritating trans-retinoic acid. Deep orange Sea Buckthorn CO2 extracts caps off this luxurious list with more vitamin A carotenoids (thus the orange color).


Bright is free from ethyl alcohol, gluten, all scents, nuts, and even soy. The product has a rich color but will not stain skin. The aroma is pleasantly of berries and comes entirely from the botanical ingredients.



Dispense 1 pump and spread gently around eye area after cleansing and toning. Apply sun protection or makeup to finish.

Each .5 oz container is approximately a 2+ month supply when used once daily. Bright can be used twice daily if desired for faster results.



Infusion of Ilex paraguariensis* (yerba mate), Rhodiola rosea*, Centella asiatica* (gotu kola), Symphytum officinale* (comfrey), Euphrasia officinalis* (eyebright), Matricaria recutita* (chamomile), Ruscus aculeatus* (butcher’s broom), Astralagus membranaceus*, Olea europaea* (olive leaf), and Sambucus nigra* (elder flower), Aloe barbadensis Juice*, Rubus ideaus (red raspberry) Seed Oil*, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Cetearyl Alcohol and Cetearyl Glucoside, Argania spinosa (argan) Oil*, Populus Tremuloides (Aspen) Bark Extract, Proanthocyanidins, Punica granatum (pomegranate) Seed Oil*, Rosa rubiginosa (rosehip) Oil*, Hippophae rhamnoides (sea buckthorn berry) CO2 Extract*, Gluconolactone, Tocopherol (vitamin E), Aminopropyl Ascorbyl Phosphate, Cetearyl Wheatstraw Glycosides, Xanthan Gum  *from Certified Organic Agriculture








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