Dyson Air Purifier Review

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For some the concern of air quality is inherit, whether it stems from breathing issues or just being weary of the environment and how it effects our health. For the majority through, air quality isn’t even a thought at all. 


However, did you know that the quality of the air you breathe even in your home is imperative for the health of you, your children, and even your pets?


As long as I can remember, my mother had an air machine. They clean the air of lingering smells that seep into your home and also remove any bacteria within the air. The air was always crisp, clean, pleasant and th freshness permeated throughout the entire house. In addition to having the ability to provide a clean smell in your home, air machines can also seamlessly remove bacteria within the air caused from anything such as dust or mold. 


With the cold weather in full swing, it’s even more pressing to be vigilant of your air quality with having a greater susceptibitliy to developing a cough, cold, or the flu. While diet and exercise can mitigate your chances of becoming ill this winter, purifying the air can further decrease your chances of encountering health issues.


When I had the opportunity to test the new Dyson Hot and Cold air purifier I was elated. Not only because I’ve come to know and love air purifiers, but that I highly respect the Dyson company as a whole, being that even their vacuumes are high quality and remain to still be some of the best on the market. 


I was curious to gauge just how far air purifiers have come along with the advancements in technology. As expected, I was greatly impressed. 







The Dyson air purifier blows any standard purfierier out of the water for a myriad of reasons. while the price point is similar to other air purifier varieties or perhaps less, because the one my mother had was back in 1999-2000. 


This purifier holds its own first and foremost as it not only cleans the air, but can indicate the quality of your air altogether. Rather than just doing its job to mask smells and clean the air, it can better help you gauge if there is a significant problem in the air you breathe.




I recently had an experience with mold growing in my apartment. (I know, horrific.) Although only renting for a three month period, I felt mortified to know that an apartment that was priced at $2,000 a month could allow tenants to live in such deplorable conditions. The management did nothing to remedy the situation or compensate us for previous rent with even mold growing right next to my head. If that doesn’t scare you enough, the fact that this type of situation happens consistently should. 


The management in our building failed to further look into why there was mold growing in our apartment and didn’t even have the nerve to test the mold that we were subjected to. Black mold or any type of mold for that matter creates spores in the air that can greatly affect your breathing and can even cause death if determined to be black mold. When they tested the air in our apartment after significantly sanitizing the entire room after my request, the results came up as “fair”. To imagine that after all of that our air wasn’t deemed to be perfect speaks volumes as to what it was like prior to that. 


If you have a mold problem in your apartment, have it tested, and file a claim with county you live in under “Rent Escrow” and state your case. Mold infestation isn’t a joke or to be taken lightly. At the end of the day, the management will try to cover there tracks. (this happened at Silver Spring Towers in Maryland as it was the only building that would offer a 3 month lease. 



Studies show that living in homes with visible mold also tended to be more prone to persistent colds; children with asthmatic parents or siblings were more likely to have asthma. Additionally, Cladosporium levels obtained through air sampling were associated with higher levels of asthma in combination with colds among children. Various components that can negativity effect the air quality are ozone, carbon monoxide, airborne particles, sulfur oxides, lead, and nitrogen oxides. Learn mor about the organ of each and how they effect your health here



Needless to say, if I had owned a Dyson Air purifier at that time, perhaps I would have brought it to the attention of management and rented another apartment and have avoided the whole experience. 











Other reasons as to why this particular air purifier is wonderful is that it not only cleans the air, but also heats and cools the air. As someone with senstivitve dry skin, I never run the heat. I find that it too abrasive to my skin and it typically dries out my sinuses causing me to be sick. With the Dyson purifier the heating and cooling is effective, but not harsh and effectively distributes warmth in the air, and from what I can gather is more cost effective than heating or cooling your entire home. If you find that the temperature is not what you desire you can effortlessly adjust it to meet your needs. 





Not only does this device clean, heat and cool the air, allow you to discern the quality of your air, indicate the temperature and is easy adjustable, it has a sleek modern design, and a remote control that allows you to monitor everything from an app!


Dyson also stands behind their products. Many come with a 2 year warranty in case th product doesn’t perform as it should. 


As a whole I can confidently say that this device is essential today in a world where we can easily be subjected to poor air quality and wasting countess dollars on heating and air conditioning.



If you’re looking for a cutting edge air purifier that caters to all your air needs.. You need the new Dyson Heat and Cooling Air purifier!


Please advise: this is not a paid endorsement by Dyson!









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