Era Organics Dead Sea Mud Therapy Mask Review – 30% OFF DISCOUNT CODE

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If there is one thing I advocate for in your beauty regime, its a face mask. Like many others though, I struggle to remind myself to use a mask unless its a moisture mask.. (because your face hurting is a constant reminder lol)


Masks of all types are a great pick me up for the skin mid week and can pinpoint various skin issues in just 15-20 minutes. Outside of moisture masks, I rarely explore  other options for the obvious reasons. If a mask is slightly drying on your average person, it SUPER drying on my skin. 



As you would imagine, I wasn’t ecstatic about sampling a clay mask, even if it was infused with grapefruit. Low and behold though, the Era Organics Dead Sea Mud Therapy Mask was a great option to minimize pores through gently drying out problem areas while simultaneously hydrating the skin.

(which I never see)



If you steer clear of clay masks due to potentially drying out your skin (like myself), the Era Organics mask is a great opportunity to target large pores and mitigate blemishes without having to sacrifice the condition of your entire face.. 


To eradicate skin issues while still preserving the integrity of your entire face, you will love this fruit forward clay mask by Era Organics.  


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About Us



We are a family owned and operated company based in sunny California. While we gather the best ingredients from around the world, including New Zealand and Hawaii, our products are made and bottled in the US.


After running into different allergies, skin conditions, lack of energy, etc. we decided to make a change. Together, we wanted to improve our health in a major way. This included eating better, exercising more and eliminating toxins. After such a dramatic difference in our health and happiness, friends started to notice. Simple tips turned into more and more questions asked, which is why we decided to help bring up awareness on a major scale. We have done the research and experienced the benefits. We have worked with doctors, nutritionists, scientists and other health specialists to provide unbiased information- all backed by science.


Dead Sea Mud Therapy

Rejuvenate and Revitalize Skin With a Unique Blend of Nutrients



Treat your skin to our ultra pure Dead Sea Mud mask, enriched with a unique blend of organic ingredients. Feel it tingle as it increases blood flow- rushing oxygen and nutrients to each cell. Rejuvenate your skin to get a healthier, glowing complexion. Customers report seeing a difference after just one use. Our unique formula is enhanced with organic ingredients including Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Hemp Oil for added healing and moisturizing power.


• Acne • Arthritis
• Dull Skin • Rashes
• Dry/Damaged Skin • Dermatitis
• Eczema & Psoriasis • Aches & Pains




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