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Hello & Happy Friday!!



In today’s world beauty products from skincare to haircare have evolved to become potentially more advanced, but more toxic and harmful to us and the environment..


I’m a huge fan of perfume, as a particular scent can effortlessly take me back to a specific moment in time, …almost like looking through and old photo album. A scent can bring to life moments you hopefully want to continue to relive lol, and aids in remembering significant people in your life.  


I would imagine that during the inception of perfume that it was created to do exactly that, but today.. perfumes are a business, a way to make profit from a contrived scent full of toxins and chemicals you can’t even pronounce. 


The FDA doesn’t even regulate companies disclosing what is exactly in their “fragrance” as others can replicate its formula. So at the end of the day, you really don’t know what EXACTLY, is in the product you expose yourself and others to on a daily basis. 


Grasse Roots Perfumery, naturally brings you back to your roots, where perfume originated from, chemical and cruelty free, full of essential oils, and beautiful natural blends.. 



If you’re looking to break away from the typical perfumes that are chock full of chemical nasties.. 



I highly recommend checking out Grasse Roots Perfumery!!







Natural perfume epitomizes beauty, purity, and grace. These qualities unfold within us when we live in harmony with the natural world. The essences of plants and flowers can bless us with sacred wisdom if we let them.







The depth and mystery of natural fragrance have always stirred me in profound and inexpressible ways. I remember as a child playing with my cousins in the ‘maquis’ of Corsica, which filled us with the heady smells particular to that island. It must have touched me deeply, because one whiff of anything like that sends me hurtling back to that time of innocence and carefree summer days with a pang that is both sweet and painful. Other summers spent in the south of France as I was growing up added to this emotional library of natural scent associations; it was within the Mediterranean basin, the home of my ancestors for generations back in both France and Algeria, that I first knew the experience of beauty and truth. Grasse Roots Perfumery.





Grasse Roots Perfumery derives its name from Grasse, France, the center of the perfume world from the 19th century to today. Hundreds of years before, though, Catherine de Medici recognized Grasse as an ideal location for the production of floral essences. With its unique microclimate, mild temperatures and fertile soil, flowers essential to earlier perfumers grew there in abundance (and still do). My own family’s roots are in the South of France not far from Grasse, so honoring my French heritage with the name Grasse Roots Perfumery seemed a natural thing to do, and actually my witty husband coined the name. It was after the fact that I learned something unexpected and intriguing: I share my name with one of the most important distillers of essential oils and purveyors of perfumes from 1795 to the early 1900′s in the history of Grasse: Lautier Fils.






A tender bouquet of rose essences from around the world enveloped by soft, earthy grasses, sweet resins, precious woods, and hints of bright citrus and orange flowers.






Can’t decide which perfume you want to buy?



Try their sweet sample set with one of each of their liquid perfumes! You’ll fall in love with at least one of them! Comes in a lovely black velvet bag with a description of each perfume included.












Our hugely popular room fragrance is made with essential oils of organic patchouli, jasmine, and zesty organic lime, and infused with Real Vanilla Beans.







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