Flav Fusion Water Bottle Review

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Did you know that the vast majority of us don’t get the daily recommended intake of fluids?! 



Whether it be due to a hectic schedule or the idea of drinking water seems like a daunting task, I too sometimes skimp on my water intake. 



That was until I started infusing my water.. 



You can infuse your water by throwing in some fruit into your favorite water bottle, but what about the excess that floats around in your water? Expecially when using fresh herbs and and or seeds from fruit?!



For some, they don’t mind, but after exploring bottles that are specifically designed to infuse your water with a hint of flavor rather than dumping a bunch of fruit and herbs and overwhelming the water.





I’m typically a glass bottle person, but glass breaks, and can be super heavy when filled or even empty, and as a New Yorker, you have to carry everything lol 



Needless to say, I’m OBSESSED…



Not only does the water taste better, but you get more uses out of the infused water by simply refilling, its design makes it easier to clean, easier and less time consuming to throw in your favorite fruit and herbs, its PBA free, and great for travel due to its lock feature so that it doesn’t spill!










Makes Delicious Natural Fruit Flavored Beverages


BPA & Lead Free 


No longer worry about Toxins and Chemicals Seaping into your Drink.


Fill With Water and Your Favorite Fruit, Close Lid, Shake and ENJOY! Refridgerate Overnight for an Enhanced Infusion!



This bottle makes Delicious, Healthy, Crisp, Cool and Refreshing Fruit Flavored Beverages and is perfect for use at the office, the gym, the lake or anywhere you want to take a cold beverage. Save Money since there will be No need to buy Flavored Water from the Grocery Store. Plus, avoid those beverages that contain Artificial Sweeteners and can result in Weight Gain.





What’s Included





Top with locking feature





Just Flip and Sip! It Features a Flip Top Lid that Opens with the Press of a Button for Easy Drinking on the go and a Large Opening for Easy Filling and Cleaning. The loop at the top provides a great way to carry it. You can hook it to your backpack when taking a hike. If your hands are full you can grab it with a finger and carry it with ease.


The bottle is Light Weight and Easy to Use, can Go Anywhere and it Fits most Cup Holders so No More Messes and Spills!




Just Fill With Water and add Your Favorite Fruit whether it be Strawberries, Raspberries, Pineapple, Lemons, Limes, etc. Cucumbers are also great. Close the Lid, Shake and ENJOY! Leave it in the refrigerator overnight for an Intensified Infusion


Purchase on Amazon here.




















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