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J.R. Watkins




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I don’t know about you, but I’m all about spice, with everything! Whether it’s seasoning or fresh peppers, heat magnifies flavor profiles and even packs nutritional value referred to as “capsaicin”.



I had the opportunity to sample products from the well established J.R. Watkins company that’s been around for ages! I personally had never heard of this company until recently, but come to find out they offer a wide range of products from extracts to seasonings and even green home products.



While none of their products are organic, they are considered to be derived from “natural” ingredients, and although the home products have “fragrance”, the majority of the ingredients are plant derived and I love the packaging! 



I decided to sample my two favorite staple blends from the J.R. Watkins line, Siracha and Chipotle Lime. Whether you’re savvy in the kitchen or not, these two spices are definitely a necessity and always in my kitchen. While Siracha sauce will forever be a huge staple for many people, I actually prefer the powdered versions as you can modify the heat factor a lot more versus the sauce and it won’t overpower other flavors. 




Also, for those who are all about Siracha, the powdered option is much more appropriate for being on the go lol. 




The Chipotle Lime blend is also perfection as it’s universal and can literally blend seamlessly with a myriad of recipes. When creating Spanish inspired dishes it’s wonderful to just grab one spice and be done, versus looking for 5 different spices. Save time and boost flavor! It’s a win win!



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 About The Company

















Chipotle Lime
The smoky, spice of slow-roasted chipotle peppers meets the zesty punch of citrusy lime in this gourmet seasoning. Tired of the same, old-same old? Turn pork, chicken, shrimp or grilled vegetables into a, crowd-pleasing, Tex-Mex meal tonight! Grea














Your favorite hot sauce flavor packs its punch in a dry spice. Dash-n-shake this distinct blend of chili peppers, garlic, sugar and salt to give any dish a kick! Like salt and pepper, your whole family will love making every meal to their liking with this spicy staple. Spice-on Sriracha lovers!









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