Three Brothers Pizza REVIEW & GIVEAWAY!! (Closed)

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Many months ago I happen to hear about a vegan chef from the Natural Gourmet Institute known as Jay Asatafa. As soon as I saw how talented  he was I knew I had to get him on board for our Healthy School Food Fall Gala!! Jay and his family own 3 Brothers Pizza and he is in the midst of developing his own modern take on the vegan cuisine!! 



Watch out for Jay Astafa in 2014.. 




Chef Jay Astafa | Vegan Catering 




Chef Jay Astafa | Vegan Catering

Jay Astafa is a 21 year old vegan chef. He started his culinary journey when he became vegan in 2007. Going vegan inspired him to become a vegan chef. In 2009, he created a full vegan Italian inspired menu for his dad’s restaurant 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe on Long Island.



His menu quickly drew a cult following. It became a hit on Long Island, and beyond. In 2011, he graduated from New York’s Natural Gourmet Institute. He has been featured in The New York TimesZagatThe BraiserOur Hen House, and Laika Magazine to name a few. Jay Astafa is on a mission to show the world, that animal ingredients are passé and that there is a whole world of innovative plant based cuisine.



Jay is the chef/owner of jay astafa catering, a NYC upscale vegan catering company. He’s also planning to open jay astafa as a vegan fine dining restaurant in the future.








His vegan creations were not only beautfiul in appearance, but tasted divine!! 









About 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe




3 Brothers Pizza Cafe is a brick oven pizzeria and cafe from the original owners of 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe in Rockville Centre.  3 Brothers Pizza Cafe in Farmingdale is owned by Andy Astafa. He named the place 3 Brothers after his 3 sons.   


3 Brothers Pizza Cafe Farmingdale is one of the most vegan friendly restaurants on Long Island.  At 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe, you will find something for everyone.  We have a full vegan menu and a traditional menu with appetizers, salads, brick oven pizza, pasta, entrees and Vegan Treats desserts!  


The vegan menu is created by chef Jay Astafa who is one of the 3 Brothers.   Jay Astafa started the vegan menu at the original 3 Brothers in 2009 after realizing that there were very few vegan options on Long Island.  Jay Astafa has brought the menu to Farmingdale!  He has designed a menu that is inspired by comfort foods dishes like Mozzarella Sticks, Seitan Parmesan, Mac N Cheese, Vegan Cheese Pizza and Penne Alla Vodka!


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  1. Jay rocks! He is absolutely the best vegan chef around! Three brothers is a great place to get meat eaters to eat vegan and see how great it is! Can't wait until he opens a place in NYC!

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