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I’m a HUGE fan of any natural product that has the ability to relieve stress.. 


(Especially while finishing school)


Kaliana offers hand crafted products to improve your health and well being!!


From facial mists to oil serums. and even liquid drops for your beverages..



Kaliana offers a plethora of options to enhance your mood!!










About Kaliana ♥
helping emotions since 1995


5 things you want to know about the Kaliana Co


We are a small, family owned company.
We care about you and your community.


We are passionate about organic & our environment.
Our Natural Emotional Care helps kids, teens & adults.
Kaliana products are all hand-crafted in small batches.


It all began in ’76; I began pursuing natural healing at the age of 15 after the medical community had tried in vain for 2 years to help me.Being the daughter of a famous botanist, I was naturally drawn to plants and nature. For decades I passionately studied every form of natural healing I could find. Then in 1995, my heart went out to a toddler screaming from separation anxiety. In a moment of Divine inspiration, I hand-crafted a natural mist to help him with his fear. It helped the boy so much, that women started calling for bottles for their cars & homes.


In the interest of full disclosure, I think it’s important that I share with you that my products are a combination of science and spirit – they were an answer to my prayers. For months, I had been praying for help. I was struggling with the amount of fighting and tension in my home, and overwhelmed with two toddlers under the age of 2. My depression was worsened by the fact that I knew all these natural ways to emotionally support our home – but there simply weren’t enough hours in the day to do it all.





Today, I believe millions of women and families suffer because they don’t understand that nature, specific aromas, flower essences, and foods, can act as natural emotional care – reducing stress, nervousness and fatigue, and turning on joy, calmness and energy.




Kaliana options:

Find Your Happy..





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3-Layers for optimum Emotional Care

promote: learning, inspiration & relaxation
release: worry, negativity & exhaustion











Feel better instantly!


Kaliana refreshing mists are targeted emotional support to quickly feel better anywhere – car, home, office, meetings or school. You instantly relax and feel better. Feel worry, tension & negativity melt away as you inhale the fabulous aromas, positive energy & flower essences – notice the almost immediate positive shift in how you feel. (…read more at bottom)


Try this: Spray 5 pumps around your face and back of neck. Breathe in deeply. Repeat. Feel yourself relaxing.


6 bonus ways to use Kaliana Emotional Care Fix-Me Mists to turn on your happy!


  1. Keep a bottle in your car to help ease tension, nagging, and kids fighting.

  2. Keep a bottle on your desk and spray after a tense encounter with a co-worker.

  3. Spray as everyone comes home to ease that crazy hour and have more harmony

  4. Spray your bedding and pillows at bedtime for more peaceful, positive rest.

  5. Keep a bottle by your bed to assist going back to sleep during the night.

  6. If you have to be around a negative person, spray yourself every hour to help rebuild your positive energy.


Stress can create intense muscular head tension

  1. Spray your mist directly onto a cool, dampened cloth.

  2. Glide cloth gently up over the face, neck and head in an upward motion.

  3. You will feel the cloth get warm as it absorbs stress and negative energies. Stop, rinse the cloth with cool water. Re-apply spray and begin again.

  4. Repeat this process for 5 minutes, up to 20 minutes, as you head towards positive relief.

  5. Feel your smile return and gratitude for this Kaliana tool in your happy healing box.


Fix-Me Mist Ingredients:

pure water, pure alcohol (stabilizer), premium grade essential oils (eucalyptus, benzoin, cajeput, lemongrass, lavender), Stress Relief flower essence energy nutrients (lavender, lemongrass, orchid, eucalyptus, cajeput)







stress relief body oil



Long-lasting support!


 Negative emotions can cause lasting stress resulting in neck/shoulder or muscle tension, restless sleep and weight gain. As a bonus, Kaliana premium oils contain nutrients and anti-oxidants to support skin elasticity and rejuvenation. Support your body and emotions with penetrating mood-boosting day and night. (more at bottom)


Try This: Shake Well. Rub into one forearm. Wait 1 minute. Feel the relaxed difference between your arms. Then try on back of neck, shoulders and chest. Feel your stress leaving.


SIZES: 1 oz (180 1-pump targeted-spot uses); 4oz (75 3-pump whole-body uses)
Kaliana 100% Natural Emotional Care, pure & vegan.



promote: learning, inspiration & relaxation
release: worry, negativity & exhaustion

Support Serum: therapeutic oils (organic jojoba, organic extra virgin olive, castor, organic sesame, rosehip), essential oils (eucalyptus, benzoin, cajeput, lemongrass, lavender), Stress Relief flower essence energy nutrients (lavender, lemongrass, orchid, eucalyptus, cajeput)


Studies have shown that negative thoughts and emotions over time can create problems in the body. Tension and pain may be signs of negative emotions affecting the body.


4 bonus ways to use Kaliana Support Serums:

  1. Enjoy a deeply relaxing massage, as muscle tension & emotions release.

  2. Perfect for hand massages and foot rubs for the elderly or bed-ridden.

  3. Use Kaliana Emotional Care Serum to provide a natural barrier to the negative energy of others. Rub into exposed areas of skin and on your heart to help keep others from getting “under your skin” at work, school, public transportation or sporting events.

  4. Apply Support Serum for extra protection from head-to-toe to create a cocoon of positive energy around you on days you know will be stressful, or before bed to sleep better










Like vitamins for your emotions. Boost the emotional support of your beverages with raw fruit enzymes and flower essences. Relax inside. Feel better. Encourage a stronger you and help naturally turn on your happy.*  


Do you get moments of intense stress? Try This: Take 1/3 dropperful directly in mouth. Wait 30 secs. REPEAT this three times. Breathe deeply.


 Beverage Booster: Kosher vegetable glycerin, organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, organic red grape vinegar, Stress Relief flower essence energy nutrients (lavender, lemongrass, orchid, eucalyptus, cajeput)



   Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 7.15.01 PM

6 bonus ways to use Kaliana Emotional Care Beverage Boosters to help turn on your happy!


  1. Add a squirt to your water bottle for positive energy support all day long.

  2. Take before a lecture or office presentation to encourage calm and confidence.

  3. Add to your breakfast smoothie, cereal, oatmeal or yogurt to boost your day with a smile.

  4. Add to the drink your child takes for lunch to support the midst of their day.

  5. Keep by the bed. If you wake anxious or stressed in the night, take several times.

  6. Add to your pets water dish for happier pets.




















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