Love Nature Candle Review

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You know those companies that just grab your attention right away. The ones where you feel this inherent connection in the passion and creativity behind their product, that’s what Love Nature Candles was for me..



As someone who’s been on the search to discover the best artisanal products that embrace nature, sustainability, and all things green.. I was elated to find that my favorite innovative candle company was close by, nestled right in the heart of Brooklyn. 



If you haven’t experienced a lot of candles then it may be hard to differentiate in the quality of each company. Love Nature NYC offers a plethora of blends that are derived from nature, some that offer more of an essential oil aroma (great for yoga!), and some that are lighter and comprised of bees wax. In addition to the perfectly executed scents, each soy candle has a led free wick, is eco-consciously packaged in heavyweight recycled glass jars that can be reused and sold in eye-catching recycled paper boxes with vegetable-based ink. So just how cool is that?! This company is so spot on that they were asked to create a personal candle to be featured at Eataly. If you live in New York City, you know.. THAT’S. HUGE.





My favorite candle pictured above is the Dore from the Boheme collection.



 If you enjoy artisanal candles that are inspired by nature, you will love this company and its objective to provide the highest quality non toxic candle 







LOVE NATURE NYC is an artisanal candle & fragrance studio, specializing in unique, custom projects and collections. Home to the DUO, Boheme, Transcentdence, and Inspired by Nature collection of candle brands.


Founder and chief artisan Jared Gettinger began Love Nature NYC after years of working in manufacturing and being exposed to toxic chemicals. The 8-ounce artisan candles are fueled by a passion for health, using only soy wax to eliminate your exposure to toxins and carcinogens.


Each and every LOVE NATURE NYC artisan candle is wicked, blended, poured and packaged by hand using only 100% natural waxes, lead-free cotton wicks, and a phthalate-free essential and perfume oil blend.


All products are eco-consciously packaged, using completely recycled or recyclable materials including recycled glass, metal and paper, natural clays and lead-free glazes, vegetable-based inks, and biodegradable woodgrain accents.


“We embrace nature, and through our fragrances establish a connection to nature and in turn a connection to ourselves, enhancing our consciousness and overall well-being.”





A sultry, sophisticated blend with silky notes of vanilla, musk and delicate white flowers.







Deliciously fresh and uplifting, with bold notes of sweet citrus and lemon. A special edition candle, made for Eataly, only available for purchase on our website or in-store at Eataly NY






The nostalgic aroma of freshly cut spruce Christmas trees mingle with gentle notes of citrus to create this irresistible holiday favorite. A love nature nyc holiday edition fragrance.

spruce tin



Crisp, bold and absolutely intoxicating- this is a LOVE NATURE NYC special edition black label fragrance. 





A classic fragrance blend revived and reborn. Beautiful warm, musky notes of frankincense and myrrh mingle with subtle notes of amber to round out this iconic scent blend.





trans group

The Transcentdence Candle Line is three soy/beeswax blended candles, each unique scent inspired by the power of peace and love, burning beautifully together or on their own. Wicked, blended, poured and packaged by hand.


Each candle in the Transcentdence line is rooted with earthy base notes which anchor the scent pairings, allowing them to mingle and compliment each other without losing their individuality and uniqueness.




Aromatics: Rich, fragrant notes of nag champa, plumeria, patchouli & sandalwood. Based on the traditional incense blends of ancient India made of natural plant essences, used for religious and meditative purposes.









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