Micronmesh Nutmilk Bag Review + GIVEAWAY!! WIN 1 OF 5 BAGS!!

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Hello & Happy Thursday!!




In a world that’s full of dairy free alternatives with “natural flavorings” its easy to grab one of your faves at the local market and go about your day..  but what if I told you there was a super easy way to actually make it yourself? To make it fresh within minutes and create your own flavors using extracts or even coffee?! Not into nut milks?! You can strain tofu, green juice, and even use it to grow sprouts!!


 If all of that sounds like your cup of tea, then a Micronmesh Nutmilk Bag is what you need.. 




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Why is this product so great?! 


Micronmesh Nut Milk Bag is an advanced nylon bag designed specifically for fine particle filtration – the strainer holes are so small, you can say goodbye to sediment in your liquid. Find out why it’s rated the best food strainer bag, better than cheesecloth
Micronmesh Nut Milk Bags are reusable and they’re drop-dead easy to clean…simply turn them inside out and rinse. Fancy a vegan rice milk maker, cold brew coffee maker, jelly strainer, cheese pressing and cheese making, tofu pressing, tea straining, drain yogurt, 


Micronmesh nut milk bag is 100 times better than cheesecloth because it wont stretch – it’s a food-safe nylon filter bag designed specifically for fine particle filtration.



  • Soak: soaking releases enzyme inhibitors and makes nutrients more bio-avaliable to your body.
  • Blend:
  • Strain using Micronmesh nut milk bag, placed inside a bowl or jar.
  • Squeeze
  • Bottle and Chill: Plant-based milks need refrigeration and are best consumed within three days. Some milks will separate as they sit, so give them a good shake before serving.






  • Cashews (raw)
  • Sea Salt
  • vanilla extract
  • Stevia or dates optional  






  • In a glass jar soak 1 cup of cashews in water overnight
  • After soaking place the cashews, water, salt, vanilla extract, and or stevia and dates in a food processor or blender. Blend until well combined. (if using a food processor, press firmly on the top as you blend to prevent fluid leaking out)
  • Once combined, place the Nutmilk bag over the glass jar. Begin to slowly pour the mixture into the bag, which will filter out any remnants in your milk. 

Refrigerate, and enjoy!







What to do with the excess?!






Combine the leftover cashews with dates in a food processor to make a SUPER easy raw crust for vegan desserts!









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