MUN Nighttime Dream Youth Serum Review

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I’m excited to finally share this beautiful product I heard so much about. The Mun Nighttime Dream Youth Serum formula is beautiful from ingredients, to the scent, and the packing itself is modern, sleek, and attractive. If you are looking for a highly concentrated serum that possesses  exotic ingredients, but has a classic light rose scent.. 










The Story of MUN


International makeup artist Munemi Imai has always been in the vanguard of fashion and beauty, listing some of the fashion world’s most celebrated names among her clients, including Vogue, ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar. During a brief illness at one point in her career, Munemi discovered the powerful benefits of natural ingredients—in the food we eat as well as the personal care and beauty products we use.


Profoundly inspired, she developed a deep passion for green living and embarked upon a journey to unite the worlds of fashion and sustainability.


A trip to the deserts of Morocco unveiled the secrets of the Prickly Pear cactus, whose seeds yield an exquisite oil that has been used for centuries to counteract the effects of sun and aging. Reflected in Munemi’s passion for natural beauty, MUN brings you a unique line of organic skincare products as pure as the plants they come from.




The Story of Aknari


It is said that centuries ago, the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean brought to the southern coast of Morocco an exotic fruit borne of the balmy hillsides of the distant Canary Islands. The Berbers, the indigenous peoples who had settled the lands long before the Arab conquest in the 7th century, called it Aknari.


Today, this small but fragrant fruit is known as the Prickly Pear, a luscious cactus with stunning flowers. Its scientific name is just as opulent as its blossoms: Opuntia ficus-indica. Since the first fruits of the Prickly Pear rolled up onto the sands of Morocco’s coastline, they have become an essential element of the local Berber economy, especially for the cooperatives run by women.


These are the cooperatives we have partnered with to supply the raw ingredients for our skin products. As a tribute to the Berber women with whom we share a passion for and philosophy of sustainability and green development, we have chosen No.1 Aknari as the name of our nighttime serum.





Created with both you and the planet in mind, our organic skincare products connect the cycles of beauty, health, and sustainability. Pure, natural, and completely free of synthetic chemicals, our ingredients are derived from native plants that are carefully selected by women-owned, responsibly managed local co-operatives.


The organic ingredients in our products are essential both to your beauty and your health—not only do they provide a higher volume of rich nutrients for your skin and your body, but organic farming also protects the soil and the ecosystem of microorganisms within it.


Finally, our business model ensures we adhere to the highest standards of fair trade and sustainable development.


This is the cycle of nourishing and sustaining our bodies and our planet that we so strongly believe in.





While you are dreaming


Night after night, pure and organic No.1 Aknari Nighttime Dream Youth Serum renews the beauty of your skin. At the heart of this luxurious anti-aging formula, three treasures work bedtime wonders: Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Argan Oil combine to transform the appearance of your skin, while soothing Rose Oil lightly scents your sweetest dreams. Every night, the look of wrinkles and fine lines gradually diminishes with the firming and refining of your skin. Every day, your complexion is more even-toned in appearance, glowing with the radiance and vitality of youth


A nightly anti-aging ritual with No.1 Aknari…


* Instills radiance for a captivating complexion.
* Nourishes, softens and smoothes the skin.
* Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. 
* Prevents premature wrinkle formation. 
* Brightens dark circles and evens out skin tone. 
* Protects the skin from free radicals.


Ingredients –


Prickly Pear Seed Oil (ECOCERT Organic), in its pure organic form, has traditionally been used to protect and heal the skin from the harsh and burning desert wind in Southern Morocco. One of the most precious plant oils in the world, it is extracted through a time-involved, hands-on process; 1,500 lbs* of Prickly Pear fruit is needed to produce 1 liter of the rare oil. Prickly Pear Seed Oil is exceptionally rich in Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that helps protect the skin from free radicals. Its inherent anti-aging benefits help reduce the appearance of fine lines and prevent premature wrinkle formation. Additional optimal properties moisturize, nourish, revitalize, soften and smooth the skin, and effectively brighten dark under-eye circles.


Argan Oil (ECOCERT Organic), oftentimes referred to as ‘liquid gold’ in the region of Morocco to which it is exclusive and unique, is extracted from the nuts of the Argan tree. Used by Berber women in Morocco for centuries, its moisturizing and revitalizing properties restore the skin’s barrier while neutralizing free radicals, making it ideal for daily skincare. Suitable for all skin types, it possesses anti-inflammatory properties that diminish the redness caused by enlarged capillaries in the skin, making it the perfect treatment for acne and sunbathed skin.


Rose Oil is created from one of the world’s most beloved flowers, variously known as the Queen of Flowers and a symbol of love, purity and fragrant perfection. Abundant in antioxidants, our Rose Oil, native to Morocco, features rejuvenating properties that soothe and silken while scenting the skin with its delicate bouquet.



Q: Can I use MUN No.1 Aknari during the day?


A: Yes, it can be used during the day as long as it’s complemented with sun protection. Also, Munemi uses it often on her clients’ skin prior to applying their makeup during photo shoots as the fast absorbing formula sets a nice dewy base for it.



Q: I have oily skin. Would this product cause my skin to breakout or become more oily?


A: We have customers with oily and breakout prone skin who have been very pleased with No.1 Aknari as we have received feedback that it provides balance to their skin.


















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