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I don’t know about you, but I love painting or anything that involves creativity such as cooking. (of course!) When we participate in activities that get our creative juices flowing, it’s said to be therapeutic and paired with a glass of vino well, you have yourself the perfect therapy session lol. 


I had the opportunity to check out the paint and sip and jumped at the chance as this is an actual studio that specializes in painting versus the pop up varieties that I’ve experienced. 


Hands down, this was one of the best studios I’ve been to!






The studio had high ceilings, multiple private rooms that could be utilized for a birthday party or perhaps a girls night out. Most importantly, it had a fully functioning bar steps from the tables that offered an array of beer and wine, prosecco, and even small bites. While the prices for beer and wine are wonderful, the lines can get long at the bar in the beginning and during breaks, so I advise opting for a bottle of wine versus a glass to get the most out of your experience. 








From the beginning of the night I felt that everything was more well organized than other paint nights as they had assigned seating to mitigate any confusion, paint trays filled and ready to go and multiple staff to direct you and help you get comfortable before the workshop. Although these seem like a given, I’ve had the complete opposite experience in New York City where you just pick a seat, fill your own trays etc.





More reasons why I love a concept that specializes in painting is that you’re able to view a myriad of previous paintings in case you find one you truly love, you can pop back in for that workshop. Whereas pop ups you don’t get that experience. 


While this particular class ran about 2 1/2 hours I had no complaints, as they provided breaks to tweak your paintings, grab a beverage, or simply enjoy the experience with friends! In all my painting and wine experiences, we never got a break, and if so, it was brief and one time only.


I loved the idea of not being rushed and the instructor coming through to view everyones work. The only complaint I could foresee of customers is having a clear view of the instructor, but that’s bound to happen wherever you sit and the instructor went very slow to show each brushstroke to every side of the room. 


Lastly, the set up in Muse Paintbar allows you to sit or stand. Sometimes you need to take a step back to get a better perspective of the direction of you want to take your painting in and sitting the entire time prevents that. While I love to sit, I stood nearly the entire time and felt as though I got better results!





When wrapping up our paintings I decided to put ours both together to create a larger piece and although the instructor used obviously only a painting perspective from one side, it came out perfect!


If you’re looking to get your wine and painting on, I can’t recommend Muse Paintbar enough! They have 30+ of locations throughout the U.S.!





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