My Daughter Fragrances Always Loved + Giveaway!! ($80 Value) (Closed)

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I’m so excited to share with you a product so brand new that its not even available online yet!! (yup, that new new)



Months ago I featured My Daughter Fragrances first perfume Joyful, which was insanely beautiful, so beautiful and distinct that it never came off like a “natural” perfume.. just an amazing one!



This company is based out of Canada, the oils are sourced from Paris, and the product is non toxic and cruelty free..




Meet your latest addiction..









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About My Daughter Fragrances




Why we are different… in a beautiful way. No Celebrity licensing deals and no fashion models. No National TV ad campaigns or one-page layouts.


We are not a fashion house, but, if we were, cashmere and linen would be our fabrics of choice, along with a favourite pair of worn-in jeans – that’s just how we roll!


We take the active role of contributing $4.00 from every bottle sold to organizations that make our hearts sing!



Why? Because giving is beautiful.

my_daughter_fragrance_logo_1024x1024Where is your perfume made?


I work directly with our perfumer in France who compounds my formula for me. Then it is sent to me for curing, blending, filtering, bottling, and packaging, all done by our family.



Why no phthalates and parabens in your fragrances?


I have chosen not to put phthalates in my fragrance because they are linked to hormone disruption (they are basically a sticky,thick plastic)..and while they are a industry standard in perfume I personally think its nasty!


Why would one want to ruin all those lovely oils and absolutes with a phthalate?


Does your perfume “wear” differently than other perfumes?


Yes, I think so! Because of the high amount of naturals I find it quite intimate and sensual. The oils basically become part of your body chemistry your not going to clear a room when you enter. I am thrilled when I hear ladies telling me “I have not worn perfume in years because of allergies or skin reactions” and they are LOVING the JOYFUL perfume!






  • Bulgarian rose oil
  • Turkish rose absolute
  • Cocoa absolute
  • Patchouli
  • Vetiver
  • Cedar


 Colorants Phthalates Parabens Animal Products



Essential Oils Lovely Resins Beautiful Absolutes Of course, cruelty free, and made with love! It’s just you and me and the girls we love.


50ml 1.78 fl. ounces. Proudly phthalate and paraben free . Made in Canada. Compounded in France













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  1. For the longest time my go to fragrances were Samsara and Hanae Mori--until I discovered how bad they were for me :( it's been a struggle with natural perfume as some just don't hit the spot until I tried My Daughter Fragrance Joyful and I was like ok I can do this, I like this it's fresh and clean...than I received the sample of Always Loved and I was like OMG I'm in heaven!!! It's creamy and delicious on me and I can't stop smelling myself!
  2. Samsara and Hanai Mori were my go to until I found out how bad they are for you :( I had a hard time with natural perfumes just didn't have what I was looking for, than came My Daughter in Joyful-I was like oh yea I can do this, it's clean and fresh smelling. Then I got a sample of Always Loved and I was like OMG this is me! It's creamy and delicious!!!!
    • That is too funny! I loved HM, such a beautiful scent!
  3. I like one by LURK but I can't remember the name of it! haha
  4. I have just been using Lemongrass essential oil for "perfume" because I haven't found a good vegan perfume I like :(
  5. My current favorite is JOYFUL! I've loved the fragrance so much I want to try the sophomore edition out. ;)
  6. Hi who won??
    • Hi Samantha! You were actually selected for the Giveaway! I'll email you shortly!

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