Organic Pharmacy Review

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Organic Pharmacy Review






unnamed17Hi everyone! I just had the pleasure of trying a couple of Organic Pharmacy products that are just divine! Organic Pharmacy is a company that makes all natural and organic skincare based on homeopathic and herbal medicine. Though their baby line is fairly small, they carry a wide range of skincare products for both men and women.


I received the Apricot & Chamomile baby lotion that is made up of Aloe, Coconut oil, Apricot, Chamomile, Marigold, Evening Primrose and other natural ingredients which leaves baby skin feeling extremely soft and smooth. The apricot is such a sweet natural fragrance, I love the way my daughter smells after a bath! We adore this lotion, the smell, the consistency, the ingredients, though my only problem is that the price for only a little over 3oz is not practical for most families, especially with multiple children.


That being said, it is a fantastic luxury baby lotion that is safe for your little one’s skin.




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I also received the Mother & Baby massage oil that is made up of Calendula and Lavender oils which are both soothing and calming for one’s skin. It comes in a glass bottle with a very convenient pump that dispenses the desired amount.


It has a very light lavender and chamomile scent, making it gentle enough for baby. Made with Sunflower, Jojoba, Marigold, and Rose Hip oils, with added Vitamin E that leaves the skin feeling like silk.


I absolutely love this organic massage oil! It has become apart of my daughter’s nighttime routine after bath time and she loves it! My only problem again is the high price for the product, but for a luxury baby oil it is divine!


Thank you Organic Pharmacy!





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About Organic Pharmacy 






My inspiration to become a pharmacist

My story begins over 27 years ago as a Saturday girl in my local pharmacy. Fascinated by the rows and rows of amber bottles, I watched person after person come in asking the pharmacist for help on their various ailments and was enthralled as he expertly blended from the amber bottles lining those shelves.


 margo marrone
As a pharmacist I specialized in herbal medicine but homeopathy changed my life


I decided to study pharmacy and six years later I embarked on my career as a pharmacist specialising in herbal medicine, nutrition and well being with a focus on natural and alternate medicine. It wasn’t until several years later that I discovered homeopathy, a form of medicine that completely changed my life and that of my family.

homeopathyI was shocked at the level of toxins in our food and cosmetics

Whilst studying homeopathy I became aware of Organic and what it meant. Shocked that I had been unaware of the level of poisonous pesticides used in our food and the questionable ingredients used in cosmetics, I decided to use my herbal, homeopathic and pharmaceutical knowledge to create a shopping haven free from chemicals found in other stores, a place where expert knowledge on well being, herbs and homeopathic remedies were readily available.


My principles were very simple, the best organic ingredients, honest expert advice, quality service, incredibly effective products and a caring environment. I took the idea to my husband Franco whose design skills and vision turned The Organic Pharmacy into a modern day health and beauty centre.






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I’m Gabrielle, the founder & creator of I established this website in May of 2012 to share my experience and knowledge as I pursue a career in the field of nutrition. I currently hold a BS in Nutrition & Dietetics from NYU and MS in Nutrition & Health Sciences.




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