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Hello & Happy Thursday!





With allergy season upon us, many are running to our go to remedies to alleviate symptoms. While I haven’t been sick in ages, my throat can get a little irritated from time to time. Having a myriad of options from the standard over the counter meds to cough drops it’s hard to navigate which products to choose. 



If I need something to help fight the beginning of a light cold, instead of reaching for medicine, I reach for a cough drop. (true story) I had the opportunity to sample some of the Pine Brothers cough drops recently and wanted to share my thoughts on them with you.


Like many of you I thought by today there has to be a plethora of natural cough drop options. In actuality though, that arena is still quite lacking. Many are packed with tons of sugar, honey making them not vegan, and methanol, which has been indicated as being toxic. So at the end of the day I was quite intrigued to explore Pine Brother’s products in a market that’s saturated with bad options.






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About Cough Drops:



The objective behind cough drops is to inhibit the cough reflex. Typically cough drops are comprised of menthol or lidocaine, a commonly used anti-cough medication. Just like any other medication, when taken in excess it will have negative effects. 



The amount of menthol in cough drops is usually not adequate enough to cause harm, which is why they can be sold over the counter. While the short term effects of taking many in one day are probably minimal, the effects of taking them daily for many years is probably unknown. Some varieties also have high levels of zinc. When taken in excess you can develop zinc toxicities and can experience a loss of a sensation in taste, smell and in severe cases you can become copper deficient. 










What I like about Pine Brothers products are first and foremost the owner. She actually is the woman who founded the popular classroom medicine Airborn. Although she sold the company ages ago, she bought it back after a lawsuit pertaining to the actual effects of the product and bought Pine Brother’s as well. As you can imagine, that multi million dollar company she sold, then bought, she’s doing quite well. Surprisingly though, she lives a humble life today which I admire. (I saw her on the Where Are They Now episode, must watch!)


Secondly, I love the packaging, and the fact that the product is a gummy. I’ve never experienced gel lozenges, but I can honestly say that they last a lot longer increasing the value of the product. The sugar content of the product is also lower than your average product(see ingredient lists below). Typically lozenges are overly sweet, and probably is a contributing factor as to why kids eat them by the handfuls and we all become consumed with taking them all the time when they are designed for only temporary relief. 


My favorite thing about Pine Brothers products is that they use carrot and spirulina to color the product versus your typical “red #5” etc.









My only complaint in regards to the ingredients would be that there is “natural flavors” for each variety. Natural Flavors is a vague term that typically means gluten is in the product and just doesn’t provide a lot of transparency in the product. 







Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1.34.00 AM








Standard Cough Drops: 


  • 3grams of carbohydrates in the form of starch 
  • 14 calories
  • Active Ingredients: In each drop: Pectin (2.8 mg) (Oral demulcent)

Inactive Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Citric Acid, Corn Syrup, FD&C Blue 2 Aluminum Lake, FD&C Red 40 (CI 16035), Flavor, Maleic Acid, Sodium Acetate, Sodium Chloride, Soybean (Glycine Soja) Oil, Sucrose (Sugar)









Ulysses S. Grant was President and the population of America hovered at 39 million, when in 1870 J. Herman Pine hung out a confectionery shingle on 8th Street above Walnut in Philadelphia, and sold his first batch of what he called ‘Pine Brothers Glycerine Tablets.’ In an attempt to relieve his own sore throat, Mr. Pine, a former German confectionery maker, combined the soothing natural qualities of plant glycerin with the healing properties of gum acacia into one softish drop.


By doing so, he discovered that he had created a product that could sooth and mitigate the mild discomfort of a sore throat. Add in some natural flavoring and sweetener and Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops were born. “I have discovered something,” Pine wrote, “which will give quick throat relief to thousands afflicted as I was.” He added,”Perhaps I won’t make much money out of this. But I can make people happy, and that’s more important than money.” Mr. Pine was being unduly modest, as his “discovery” would become one of the most effective, most delicious and most unique throat lozenges in the world. Nor has the recipe changed appreciably since it was first introduced to the public over 140 years ago.











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I’m Gabrielle, the founder & creator of I established this blog in May of 2012 to share my experience and knowledge as I pursue a career in the field of nutrition. I currently hold a BS in Nutrition & Dietetics from NYU and soon to be MS in Nutrition & Health Sciences.


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  1. I usually get Luden's, but I would love to try out Pine Brothers! Thanks for the chance to win! wildorchid985 at gmail dot com
  2. I love Halls watermelon flavor!! But would LOVE to try pine brothers! I've actually never even heard of this brand but it sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing! :)
  3. I hardly ever use cough drops (I prefer tea) but when I do I've used ricola natural herb drops. I love that Pine Brothers is a gummy form! A little bit of sunshine when you're not feeling awesome. I'll defiently try these next time. Loved learning about the product's history!
  4. Oh I must try these!! I use Ricola!!
  5. I have never seen these before!! I love gummy anything and the fact that the ingredients seem more straightforward versus other brands!!
  6. I never buy cough drops because they are always full of sugar and I eat them like candy :( My husband loves honey cough drops! We would love to try Pine Brothers!, I've never heard of them!
  7. I love the packaging and have actually never heard of them!
  8. I have used Ludens forever and a day, but I would love to try these flavors out!
  9. Ricola! Would LOVE to try pine bros!
  10. I think I actually saw these at Target! and I love Airborn! I have to try these!
  11. I like Ludens' Cherry.
  12. My favorite throat drop is the Pine Brothers Wild Cherry. They really help my throat fill better and taste so good!
  13. My favorite is Luden's Wild Honey drops. I have been using those for years and years.
  14. I love the lemon citrus drops the best. They are so refreshing.
  15. My favorite is the Wild Cherry Pine Brothers. Never tried the Honey or Lemon Lime before, but they really sound good too.
  16. I've never tried Pine Brothers before but they sound awesome. I sometimes get Halls and Luden's,it depends on who in my home needs a cough drop.My husband likes Halls but me and my teen daughters like Luden's.
  17. My favorite flavor is wild cherry!
  18. I get riccola honey drops.I want to try the Pine Bros honey cough drops. Thank you for the chance :)

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