Punk Rawk Labs Vegan Cheese Review

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Hello & Happy Wednesday!! 





There are very few products that sweep you off your feet, and make you think..


What would the world be like if their products were accessible everywhere?!


I was once a fancy cheese person long ago.. but when it comes to vegan cheese even in 2015, the options are minimal. Since testing and reviewing a plethora of products via Eat Drink Shrink, from what I can tell.. gourmet cashew cheese seems to not be in the forefront of vegan companies.


Isn’t it funny how you can find endless amounts of frozen veggie burger products, but when it comes to vegan cheese and especially fancy vegan cheese you could count them on your hand?!


What does that mean for those whom were previous fancy cheese lovers that are now embracing the more plant based side of things?! Well, you’re just out of luck if you don’t have them at your local market or if you aren’t even fond of the products available.. 


Punk Rawk Lab cheeses are vegan, organic, fermented, super soft, spreadable, and come in flavors that are memorable and shortly put.. you will never be able to put them down, …because they are JUST THAT GOOD. 


If you love small companies that break into the business with the help of kickstarter, and truly possess a dream to provide amazing organic vegan cheese from scratch.. you will LOVE Punk Rawk Labs





I can’t wait to find their products in stores throughout the NYC, because I know once they hit the shelves.. 



They’ll be gone faster than you can say Punk Rawk Labs!

(See the full video review below)





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julieandme Punk Rawk Labs (PRL) is a Minneapolis based company which specializes in living cuisine. Founder, Alissa, graduated with the inaugural class of professional chefs from MATTHEW KENNEY ACADEMY (the world’s first classically structured gourmet raw food academy) and has been working in the restaurant industry since 1991. She developed an interest in this healthful way of eating after developing a number of complicated health problems related to a TOXIC EXPOSURE and a CAR CRASH. While she was in recovery, she started developing products that she could eat.


Julie was one of the first people to notice. She worked at the coop where Alissa was scheduled to teach her first uncooking class. Since Alissa was still on crutches, Julie offered to help. It turned out that Julie had similar dietary issues. They had a lot in common. So, Julie continued to help with the orders while Alissa was in physical therapy. Once she finished all her therapy, Alissa launched a kickstarter campaign to raise money to expand the business.


The business expanded alright. Way beyond what she was anticipating. Orders started coming in from all over the country. She was even getting requests from other countries. Everything was going great. But a big piece of the puzzle was missing.




 Kickstarter Campaign


Alissa was recently recovered from two significant health crises, and she was in way over her head. She needed help. Meanwhile, a perfect partner was right there under her nose all along. Julie was working at the local coop doing the ordering in the bulk section. But before that, she owned a vinyl only record store called HYMIE’S. She and her partner owned the store for ten years until they sold it to the current owners. Julie had business experience, a passion for good food, and good taste in music. What else did she need? It was a match made in heaven! There was only one thing left to do…so Alissa asked Julie to be her business partner.


Currently, the dynamic duo are working on building out their own brick and mortar shop which will house a living cuisine BOUTIQUE which will feature a deli/juice bar as well as a wholesale kitchen/LABORATORY where they can manufacture their NUT MILK CHEESES for retailers across the country. The laboratory is now operational, but they need to catchup on their backorder before opening the boutique (which they anticipate will be sometime in 2013).






Introducing our line of gourmet, fermented, and handmade NUT MILK CHEESES.


Our cheeses are handmade using organic ingredients. The process is similar to that for making dairy cheese except that it uses nut milk rather than dairy milk. The milk is first fermented. Then, moisture is removed to arrive at a semi-solid texture. Finally, cheese is flavored.



[cycloneslider id=”punk-rawk-vegan-cheese”]



Our original line of cheeses come in three flavors: plain, herb, and smoked (with a black pepper crust).


There are also three varieties of cheeses: cashew, macadamia, and a cashew/macadamia blend. Cashew has the softest texture of the three and the earthiest flavor. It is almost like a spreadable cheese. It is the least expensive of the three. Excellent for budget conscious shoppers.




My favorites?! -> Nacho & Smoked!












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