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In the midst of removing toxins from my products and diet I came to a point where I removed caffeinated beverages. I know what you’re thinking, I have to be joking right?






Just like you I was a Starbucks fanatic. I had my favorite drink (Sugar Free Vanilla Soy Latte w/ no Foam) that I had to order at least a few times a week that even my friends had to memorize it.. lol (sorry)


Fast forward to present day in 2014, I haven’t had a coffee in probably years. I found that by drinking fresh green juice in the am on an empty stomach (increases absorption) that I actually got a natural pep in my step from all the nutrients. In reality though, even I don’t have time to grab a green juice when on the go.. so what do I do?





I grab a Runa tea!



Since removing coffee from my diet I obviously don’t crave it, but I also am now SUPER sensitive to caffeine, .. from anything. With that in mind I was hesitant to review Runa Tea thinking that it might not be my cup of tea (see what I did there)



Low and behold, this product is amazing! Flavorful teas, sans sugar (except for a few blends) and extra additives and caffeine jitters. I love that they are sold in bottles instead of plastic, its organic, fair traid, and offers flavor with out the calories and chemicals. 



To head my full review watch the video below









Runa was founded in 2009, days after we graduated from college. But our story begins several years earlier, when Tyler was living with the Kichwa people in the Ecuadorian Amazon. It was then he was introduced to guayusa – a naturally caffeinated tree leaf brewed like tea, consumed early in the morning to help interpret dreams and late at night to provide energy and clarity while hunting in the jungle. He loved the earthy flavor, smooth taste, and energy boost he got from the leaf.


Living and working in Latin and South America, we both saw how unsustainable activities like logging were enticing ways for people living in the rainforest to pay for education and medicine. We also saw how development projects implemented by NGOs often floundered because they lacked buy-in from local stakeholders.








Guayusa gives you a unique kind of energy, different from what you get from coffee or traditional energy drinks. We think of it as “clean energy” – it’s how we describe what Amazonian hunters call the “mental strength and courage” they get from drinking guayusa.


The compounds in guayusa give you sustained and focused energy. There are no harsh chemicals. No feeling burned out later. Just organic, healthy energy from a leaf. Drink guayusa to get the energy you want now without sacrificing how you feel later. Not all energy is created equal – keep yours clean.






Guayusa contains twice the antioxidants of green tea. These compounds neutralize free radicals and may help prevent premature aging. It also contains chlorogenic acids, which have been reported to contribute to cardiovascular health, help reduce high blood pressure, and regulate body weight. In addition, guayusa contains 15 essential amino acids and has ferulic acid, which can help improve blood circulation.




Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 3.45.39 PM 









Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 2.57.38 PM




Step into the limelight – experience bright and refreshing flavor with zero calories.




Brewed organic guayusa (purified water and organic guayusa leaves**), organic lime juice concentrate, organic lime extract, natural flavors, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).






Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 2.57.32 PM





Guava’s floral notes blend deliciously with guayusa’s natural smoothness to create this zero calorie heaven.




Brewed organic guayusa (purified water and organic guayusa leaves**), organic guava flavor, organic lemon juice concentrate, natural flavors, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).




Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 2.57.11 PM





Berry Clean Energy gives you the same guayusa energy you love with some extra sweetness and light carbonation. It’s just the organic boost you need to feel focused, fired up, and fully alive.






Serving Size 1 Can (250ml/8.4 floz)

Amount Per Serving: Calories 80


Brewed organic guayusa (purified water and organic guayusa leaves**), organic sugar cane, natural flavors, citric acid, vitamin C (ascorbic acid).















I’m Gabrielle, the founder & creator of I established this blog in May of 2012 to share my experience and knowledge as I pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian in New York City. I currently hold a BS in Nutrition & Dietetics from NYU and am pursuing a MS in Nutrition & Health Sciences while teaching yoga and working with the Coalition for Healthy School Food


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  1. Wtf is natural flavors? My dogs poop is 100% natural. Is dog poop in your "clean energy" drink?
    • Hey Pete! I completely agree, if you're trying to adhere to a natural diet, "natural flavors" is vague and can include things like gluten etc. When in doubt, skip products that don't have transparent ingredients.

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