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In my journey to find  chemical and cruelty products I have embraced skincare, cosmetics, and even perfumes.Did you know that many of the everyday perfumes that you enjoy are full of toxic chemicals that you expose your skin to and even inhale?


In the natural product world I have come to find a handful of natural perfumes that are beautiful, but either the scent doesn’t last long or the scent smells too strong of natural oils.. 


I love natural products, but I’ve always wanted to find that PERFECT scent that works well with every occasion, lasts throughout the day, and doesn’t smell like every other scent natural or not.. (I have a great sense of smell and know when scents overlap)


but these scents by SARABECCA.. 



Nothing I’ver ever experienced before.. 






Ken Grand, founder and owner of Alba Botanica until selling it in 1999, has forayed once more into the realm of naturals and founded Sarabecca Natural Perfume (named for his daughters Sarah and Rebecca) and released an intriguing duo of eaux de parfum entitled Day and Night.


Sarabecca is a niche natural perfume House that only uses natural essence oils and natural fragrance essences.  Essential oils include vetiver, patchouli, ginger, lemon, bergamot and lavender. Other notes (such as melon, cyclamen and cut leaves) are constructed from a blending of natural fragrance essences-including rose petals, pine tar, coffee, orange peels and an array of herbs, woods and spices. The most wonderful thing about these perfumes is that even though they are bottled and packaged luxuriously, yet still contain a true product of Nature’s beauty and bount


Four years after starting and countless iterations later, Ken finally came up with two versions of perfume that met his original olfactory vision. Creating something natural that is also luxurious and can stand up to many prestige scents and still project that air of sophistication was not as easy as it sounded. Mr. Grand’s perseverance paid off and this year we have two very interesting takes on the oldest of opposites: night and day. Packaged the same (except for the borders of the boxes and colors of the metallic sprayers), in simple elegant flacons, these both radiate a classic aura and waft a complex and rich aroma as subdued as they are strong. For their prices of less than eighty US dollars, they are an amazing bargain for completely natural 50 ml eau de parfum sprays!








exquisitely fresh white floral blend with subtle notes of jasmine, tuberose and muguet. Delicate, charming, pure and romantic.


Crafted entirely from natural oils and essences, Sarabecca is a triumph in the art of perfumery, and all the more captivating because it is a true product of nature.


Sarabecca relies on the unique qualities of natural oils and essences for its charm.  Gentle and understated, it lives happily in the background, a tender allusion of scent, entering the environment subtly and comfortably, more a reminder than a statement.  



Sophisticated, complex and harmoniously balanced, Sarabeccacomes in two distinctly beautiful sister scents.




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Day – Natural Eau de Parfum Spray




 Exquisitely fresh white floral blend with subtle notes of jasmine, tuberose and muguet.  Delicate, charming, pure and romantic.


Sarabecca Day lists only a delicate blending of jasmine, muguet and tuberose, yet they are surrounded by a myriad of bright and shining citrus and slightly warm spices. This perfume is truly like day breaking: crisp, sharp and brightly clean without the usual sweet juiciness of citrus and the subtle spiciness coaxes out the shier (at first) white floral notes. The graphics on the box show peonies (or perhaps magnolias) and although none of these are listed the full richness of the complex and many-layered pure white blossoms rise sinuously about you. 


First, the soft innocence of muguet with its tender green leaves and soft bell-shaped flowers, then a clean very bright jasmine playfully runs barefoot through the middle of everything; inviting you to join her reverie. A slightly smoky tuberose watches from the wings, eventually sauntering in closer to the finish of a woody green kissed with herbs and a rather arid earthiness. From pure and fresh to naughty and musky, this scent runs the gamut of the white floral spectrum; without ever coming off overpowering, dated or even all that feminine.



Day captures all the brightness and clarity of its namesake. Because it is also completely natural, you don’t just smell LIKE white flowers; you smell like you are standing in the middle of real white flowers as the summer sun and its warmth embrace you. From sun up to sun down this captures more than just some flowers-it succeeds in bringing to life something invigorating and sensual simultaneously.” But soft! What light through yon window breaks? It is the light of the day-from the East…” Sillage: Average. Longevity: slightly above average.














simple, sophisticated smell

Chemical & cruelty free

Natural scent that lasts.. 







I’m Gabrielle, the founder & creator of I established this blog in May of 2012 to share my experience and knowledge as I pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian in New York City. I currently hold a BS in Nutrition & Dietetics from NYU and am pursuing a MS in Nutrition & Health Sciences while teaching yoga and working with the Coalition for Healthy School Food



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  1. I would like to win because I'm looking for a more natural alternative to the current perfume I use.
  2. I would love to win because I need a perfume without chemicals!!
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  4. I would love to win because I've heard wonderful things about this company and haven't been able to get my hands on a bottle!!

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