Triomphe Restaurant Review

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On an island full of fresh eats from Italian to Spanish cuisine and everything in between, how do you discern which restaurant is worthy of your time and money?



I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear the word dinner, the last placeI think of going is the Theater District. Think masses of people, bright lights, lots of fanny packs.. 



Its a New Yorkers Nightmare.. 



When selecting where to enjoy dinner we always have certain factors that weigh heavily on our choices.



 price point? portion size? atmosphere?


For many, its all of the above..



For some, its none of the above.. perhaps you look for establishments that cater to your taste buds while also utilizing sustainable practices?



Whether they are plant based or not, restaurants are beginning to embrace this concept of sustainability. Whether that be sourcing local ingredients or going that extra mile to grow their own ingredients on the premises..






Sustainable practices to me shows that  a company cares not only for the customer, but the impact that their food has on the environment.



I recently had the opportunity to experience Triomphe restaurant at the prestigious Iroquois hotel and was elated to discover that this establishment had gone in the direction of sustainability.



If you’re looking for a 4 star farm to table style restaurant that offers seasonal dishes, diversity in its menu, in addition to a beautiful intimate setting.. with AMAZING fresh rosemary bread with truffle butter (Sorry, I’m a bread person)


I highly recommend checking out the Triomphe restaurant!








Acclaimed Midtown Manhattan Restaurant


Triomphe Restaurant



Innovative yet authentic, refined but comfortable, and always inspired – Triomphe Restaurant is a critically acclaimed and locally beloved Midtown Manhattan restaurant. Since opening in fall 2000, Triomphe has drawn positive attention from The New York Times, New York Observer, and Crain’s New York Business, among others.


The simple design of Triomphe Restaurant belies its sophistication, an understated elegance that carries through from the first sip of wine to the final bite. Hailed as one of the premier NYC Theater District restaurants, Triomphe is a hidden gem, at once unpretentious, intimate and engaging.


Discover thoughtful touches and fresh flavors at our French restaurant in Midtown, providing a tranquil place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or pre-theater dining.





 Rooftop Garden






 Edible Flowers






One of Midtown’s elite dining destinations, Triomphe Restaurant at The Iroquois New York serves creative, seasonally-inspired dishes with a healthy twist. With three new SPE-certified dishes making their way on to the menu for the new season, we sat down with Executive Chef Florian Wehrli to find out more about his food philosophy…



Q: As a chef, what inspired you to make health a priority when preparing food for your customers?

Some people may disagree, but I truly believe that we first and foremost “eat to live” and not “live to eat.” Now, our jobs as chefs is to make the process as enjoyable as possible. As chefs, we should be an example to our customers and the public on food practices. Sourcing the best ingredients, grown locally and with practices that preserve the environment, as well as the health of our patrons, are all top priorities.



Q: How do you envision SPE Certified helping you achieve these health-focused objectives?

SPE gives us a chance to work with experts in both the nutrition and the culinary fields. I am a chef and I cook, so I may know a thing or two (or three…) about nutrition, but having someone whose main area of expertise is culinary nutrition, readily available to help with training, answer questions and offer tips and ideas is an amazing thing.



Q: Do you have a favorite (healthy) ingredient?

I am learning that most ingredients can be “healthy” when used appropriately and in the right quantity. Most things are good in moderation! My latest find is chia seeds. I love playing with them; their nutty flavor and cool thickening abilities are giving me some new ideas for savory and sweet applications.




What is SPE Certified? from SPE Certified on Vimeo.


Not only does Triomphe embrace sustainability, but they are also SPE Certified!!



Not sure what that is?! Watch the video!! 








Here are a few of the dishes I experienced from the summer menu!!



Chef Florian’s creations are being enhanced with fresh herbs, heirloom tomatoes and strawberries from their rooftop garden, just to name a few really local produce. 






Watermelon Feta Salad




















Hand-Stretched Mozzarella, Hearts of Palm, Purple Basil and Balsamic Syrup








– Lots of fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, with tons of beautiful edible flowers, with basil and garlic –












Quinoa Stuffed Tomato with Fresh Veggies










Striped Bass with Oven Dried Tomatoes and Hand Rolled Squid Ink Capellini. Pure delight.










Marinated Strawberries and Rooftop Mint







Flavorful. Beautiful. Perfectly executed.









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