Votivo Candles Review

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As an advocate of natural products and a HUGE fan of candles, one of the first things I explored was candles that were soy based, had led free wicks, and were parrafin free. 


Years ago while living in Miami I came across a company called Votivo and was quite impressed by the minute details in the packaging and the designer scents that each candle offered.


Recently I had the opportunity to reexperience some of the classic Votivo candles and I truly fell in love with them all over again. Not only has this company been in the candle biz for ages, but they offer solid scents, room diffusers, and much much more today.



My only issue with their creations is that they contain Parrafin, below you’ll find the some research on paraffin that conveys the idea that it can be a not so wonderful thing to have in your products. 







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Full-bodied Votivo Aromatic Candles will fill your home with a lingering bouquet of scents. 



There is nothing that makes a home feel more inviting than a calm relaxing scent emanating from all corners. Whether it is for the comfort of your guests or to the benefit of your own family, Votivo Candles are designed to fill your home with inviting scents that make your home feel like a warm, cozy abode. Candles often get a reputation as a tool for covering up unwanted smells.


Votivo Candles are designed to perform the opposite function. The complex and intense aromas built into every Votivo Candle are designed to make any house a home. There are a variety of Votivo Candle lines offering scents to express individuality, enhance the feel of the changing seasons outside or simply mix things up for more variety and spice.



Since its inception in 1994, Votivo has built a worldwide reputation for high quality home fragrance products. Votivo’s fragrances are famous for their ability to quickly fill a room with complexity and depth. In a world of mass production, Votivo offers distinctively packaged products that are handmade. Each Votivo candle is hand-crafted. Each tissue is hand-wrapped. Each pewter seal is hand-pressed.










 Basic Candle Info:


Natural Soy Blend Wax –


Votivo uses a unique natural soy blend that includes food-grade soy, an FDA approved, food-grade paraffin, and a food-grade additive to help improve the burn and fragrance throw. The exact mix is proprietary info – suffice to say, soy is the predominate ingredient and we feel it is the best mix possible)


Why not 100% Soy?


-100% soy doesn’t burn quite as clean
-100% soy doesn’t “throw” a fragrance as well
-100% soy can cause wax color to fade
– Soy doesn’t hold its shape well so votives and wax bars are almost always paraffin. There are different grades of Paraffin – we use FDA approved food-grade wax – the same type that is used in chewing gum.







An aromatic blend of coarsely chopped dried herbs and forest floor earthen mossblended with an intoxicating masculine scent of moist skin fresh from a shower,Teak is a wood inspired fragrance designed to fill a room with exotic taste andlingering flavors of opportunities gone by and sensual dreams to come.








As the dying light of day descends, shadows advance from their hiding places – enveloping the surroundings in seductive strains of luscious raspberries, dark pools of rich pomegranate, and warm whispers of pink pepper, amber and cedar wood.






A savory blend of tart red currants and golden fruit glaze ladled over coarselyground vanilla bean ice cream and served along side of raspberry filled sugar cookies. the original Red Currant.








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