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Below you’ll find 4 VIDEO REVIEWS on Zuii Organic products brought to you by Aussi Organics and the Eat Drink Shrink Contributors!!




From dry skin to acne prone, oily and even

combination skin.. 


You’ll find a review from a contributor who can provide accurate feedback on product quality for your specific needs


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Zuii Organics stacked

Not tested on animals, No petrochemicals,

No parabens, No talc, No GMO ingredients



About Zuii Organic


Consumers are fast becoming aware of the toxic effects of over exposure to chemicals and toxins that appear in cosmetics. Zuii Organic is more than just ‘natural’, our complete product range is Certified Organic and accredited by numerous international and European global certifying bodies that audit and certify cosmetic products.

We as a company are inspired by our vison of love, nature and organics unlike many mineral or uncertified products, at Zuii Organic all of our makeup is certified and we must meet global certification standards for all ingredients we use. This prohibits us from using many of the ingredients found in mineral or uncertified cosmetic products.

Zuii has also been awarded one of the highest Globally recognised certifications – BDIH & COSMOS – along with maintaining Halal, Cruelty Free and Vegan friendly status. Zuii Organic will never use harsh or harmful chemicals, additives or fillers. We are proud of each and every one of our ingredients and are happy to share this with our ‘Full Ingredient Disclosure’ information. Zuii Organic uses only the most pure ingredients available, and as such we believe Zuii is the best Certified Organic performing range of Cosmetics in the world, come and share with us the feeling of ‘wearing flowers on your face’.




No petrochemicals or any other synthetic substances
No non-organic products of animal origins
No talc
No fragrances and other colour components of non-organic or synthetic origin
No Sodium Laureth Sulphate
No Polyethylene Glycol
No harmful preservatives such as parabens
No GMO ingredients
No nano particles






I recently had to the privilege of trying Zuii Organic Flora makeup and I loved it! I not only love that everything I got to try was vegan, but what the company stands for!


Zuii is an Australian based company that is free of all animal testing. Who doesn’t love that? I tried several different products and loved each of them.

The first product I tried was the Beige concealer pencil… At first, I was bummed because I thought I had received the wrong color, but much to my surprise, it still worked to pull the red out of my skin in areas that may have needed the concealer. I love how light weight and clean all of their products feel.

I enjoyed using the concealer under my regular foundation. I placed some under the eyes, if I was sleepy, on any blemishes to draw out the red and under my nose, since it was red from allergy sniffles.
The next product I applied, after my foundation was applied, was two different types of blush. One has a beautiful sheen to it, that I enjoyed wearing every day. The other was a shimmer blush with subtle diamond-like sparkles. Both were called peach and the name describes the color very well. I enjoyed the solid blush for daily use and as the base blush color and the shimmer for accents around the brow line, upper cheek and a tiny bit down the nose and outer upper brow. A little goes a long way, which is great!


After applying the blush color, I moved to my eyes. This was a stop everything moment. I am in love with the eye shadow quad that I got to try. The colors are amazing. It can sometimes be trying to find vegan eye shadow colors that I like, let alone organic eye shadow! These four colors matched my skin (super white) and hair (red, transitioning back to blonde) so well. I love the cream, the mustard gold, the burnt rust and deep brown colors that have a mild shimmer. They are all exquisite!! These are great for fall or all year round. I really can’t say enough great things about this eye shadow quad called “Fresh”! They feel great too!
Lastly, I moved to my lips. I first applied Zuii’s amazing Nude Lip Liner. I truly love this color and feel. I used this both to line my lips and to shade my whole lip. I then placed a vegan lip balm or gloss on top. The other product I tried on my lips was the Butterscotch lipstick. It smells divine… like roses!! It also goes on so smoothly and feels moisturizing, fresh and light. The color is super bright, which is not something I thought I would like, but I do! I also enjoyed mixing it with the nude lip liner.


I truly enjoyed getting to try out Zuii’s Organic Cosmetics and I would definitely recommend them!! They worked well with my coloring and my super sensitive skin, which is something I always look at first. How did my skin react you may ask…? The verdict was my skin is very happy with Zuii’s Organic Flora makeup!








I loved applying Zuii cosmetics!


I got to try the Certified Organic Flora Foundation which worked so well. It covered very nicely, especially around my eyes. However, I did have to apply extra product to cover blemishes. The best feature of this specific product is that it can be applied with a brush – I used a kabuki brush, my favorite, to apply and it worked well.


I also got to try the Certified Organic Flora Blush in peach which is just wonderful. I can for sure say that I will be recommending this specific brand + color for my clients. Last but not least, I got to sample the Certified Organic Flora Lip Tint in Maple. I absolutely loved the application brush that’s build into the product. This was a great lip tint as it also felt very moisturizing and soft on the lips. 







I really like the fact that Zuii Organic’s cosmetic line contains no artificial ingredients or chemicals. They contain floral ingredients, essential oils, and other vitamins and minerals, which are fantastic for your skin.


The Flora Liquid Foundation has a wonderful light texture similar to face moisturizer. Unfortunately, the shade I got (Olive Light) was a bit to light for my skin, so I have been using it as a concealer/highlighter. I really love how easily is spreads and stays throughout the day. More importantly, it won’t clog your pores!

The Flora Powder Foundation also had a great light texture that blends easily over the liquid foundation. I am an extreme “minimalist” when it comes to make up, so I really don’t use that much powder. I have been using a sponge to apply the powder over problem areas and have been satisfied with the quality.

My favorite product from Zuii is the Sheerlips Lipstick (in Flora). I don’t wear much on my lips, so the lightweight and subtle color is perfect for me. The ingredients also help to nourish your lips and protect them from the harsh winter weather!

Overall, I loved the “light and airy” quality of all the Zuii Organic products. They are perfect for day-to-day use and are great for your skin!











This was a great experience for me because I have been using harmful chemical loaded makeup since 2006. Seeing that there could be other options that are healthier for my skin and self is wonderful. The products smell light and flowery. The liquid foundation is too light for my skin tone yet the other products worked so well I’d be willing to find a better match through their sample colors and see if that changes. I have gotten compliments on pictures of my makeup and feel like it looks cleaner at times then my other makeup.

Again I was leary on organic makep yet it was a great experience!





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