Zevia Soda Review

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I recently had the chance to take a trip down memory lane and explore the world of sodas..


Natural sodas of course!


Throughout the years soda products have come and gone and even lived through the movement of clear cola, which obviously wasn’t a keeper lol. Like thousands of others though with the sugar free epidemic, everyone flocked to consume diet sodas. They were sweeter and sans calories, but of course chock full of aspartame. As a result, I gave up sodas ages ago and haven’t looked back since. 


Until I discovered Zevia, the stevia based soda, that’s actually good! 


Zevia has no sugar, no artificial sweeteners and zero calories. Zevia is sweetened with 82 percent Stevia, 15 percent Monk Fruit and 3 percent Erythritol.






Get the full Zevia review in the video located at the bottom as well as recipe for a holiday cocktail I crafted using Zevia Ginger Ale



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Soda loving people had a revelation. They knew soda could be made smarter. The best ingredients with a guilt free sweetener seemed like an impossible dream. And yet, it wasn’t!



In 2007, amidst the rainy backdrop of Seattle, Zevia Zero Calorie Soda was born. Sharing our first flavors, naturally sweetened Cola, Lemon Lime Twist and Orange soda with the world became our mission, and we were welcomed with open arms; the good soda love was spreading as people made it clear they were ready for smarter choices.


Zevia was embraced by people all around the world but none we knew better than our fans in the Pacific Northwest, as it was home. However, cold soda & hot sun seemed like a perfect fit so we up and moved to Los Angeles! Southern California became our new home, but a big part of our heart is still in Seattle. Our family of soda loving people has grown right along with the world’s passion for Zevia.





Zevia Flavors



cola, ginger ale, lemon lime twist, black cherry, grapefruit citrus, strawberry (I tried to find this, sounds amazing!), ginger root beer, caffeine free cola, grape, cherry cola, cream soda, mountain zevia, dr. zevia, orange, and lime cola.   






Our little family of 15 flavors has grown as time has flown by. So what’s next? As more and more soda drinkers smarten up to the dangers of artificial sweeteners and sugar, Zevia becomes increasingly sought after. 


Monk fruit is a round, green fruit grown on lush vines in small farms in the sub-tropical climate of Asian hillsides, where temperate conditions and elevation are ideal. The fruit is harvested by hand, then crushed and infused with hot water to release its natural sweetness. Monk Fruit is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar but contains no calories or effect on blood glucose levels.
Vines of Monk Fruit




Flavors I tried, and loved! 

























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