Chocolate Espresso Milkshake

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Hello & Happy Tuesday!!




Since producing my first Vegan Desserts E-book I’ve had the chance to develop tons more of amazing effortless vegan recipes to share with you!


This recipe from my Vegan Desserts e-book features two of the most coveted 

ingredients.. chocolate, and coffee!


While I don’t have an affinity for chocolate (true story), however.. I LOVE the taste of coffee!


Although today I don’t typically ever drink coffee(another true story), I still find the flavor of coffee itself simply divine, ..especially on a hot summer day (iced coffee)


Growing up my family and thousands of others loved Bryer’s brand ice cream. On any day of the week you were guaranteed to find flavors like Coffee, peach, or mint chocolate chip in our freezer. (well, at least for 24 hours after buying lol)


This recipe for a Dark Chocolate Espresso ice cream is reminiscent of that Bryer’s ice cream! Its light, creamy, with a hint of dark chocolate that complements the espresso!



If you long for the classic coffee ice cream and the vegan options fail to deliver or you simply are craving chocolate and also need a lil pep in your step lol.. 


This recipe For a Dark Chocolate

Espresso Milkshake is the answer!







For more recipes like this Vegan Persian ice cream download my Vegan Desserts E-book that includes over 40 hand crafted recipes and exclusive discount codes now available on iTunes. For more info click here.



































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