Cinnamon Apple Waffles

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Hello & Happy Wednesday!!





As of the past few weeks, I’m just breaking into the world of waffles. (I know, I’m a little late to the party gosh! lol)



As a New Yorker though, I have to look at everything as a space investment.. especially appliances that take up a large portion of the kitchen. So I procrastinated for the longest time, for perhaps 6 year and until I finally broke down and purchased my first waffle maker! 



There are pros and cons to making waffles, they tend to be dryer in my opinion, easier, faster to cook compared to pancakes unless you have huge flat top and cook cook multiple pancakes at once like an iron chef/boss








I find that vegan waffles have to incorporate some fruit or topping to really appeal to me versus a pancake that can actually be good with just some syrup. (deep thoughts)




Needless to say, its fallish weather still in the NYC, which FYI: is completely odd because its usually freezing, and sometimes even snowing by this time, or even before this time lol  #truestory







When I think of fall, I think of cinnamon apples, when I think of apples, I’ll now think of Vegan Cinnamon Apple Waffles with Homemade Caramel Sauce.. 



Why, ..because um hello YUM lol.


Basically, you need to get it together and try this fab recipe!







Why this recipe rocks:



Minimal Ingredients

Versatile – can use the apples or caramel sauce later!



Great for kids



Candied pecans (hollla)

















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