30 Vegan Valentine’s Day Recipes

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Hello & Happy Monday!!








With so man recipes that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, I thought I would aggregate the best of the best from EDS! 


For many people, Vday is just like any other day or one that was potentially even created by candy companies. Perhaps that’s plausible, but in any case, I truly love Valentine’s Day! I love the concepts, the colors, and to be honest.. was completely enamored with creating a V-day card box in grade school more than receiving cards and candy. (I was always the creative type)


However, for the majority of us V-day consists of going out to dinner. While I love taking a step away from the kitchen and having someone serve me for once, I actually prefer cooking  With so many red and pink concepts you can embrace to take your everyday V-day meal to a fab & festive one, how could you not want to cook on this holiday?!


Whether you need cocktails, soups, salads or entrees, here’s a 30 recipe compilation of the best of the best in vegan V-day eats! 


Looking for something else?! Simply click recipes from the main bar, select occasion, and then V-day for more options besides these!








Beet Soup







Roamine Wedge Salad with Shiitake Bacon & Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing








Kale Ceasar








Pink Dragonfruit Sushi Rice Stack








Rosemary & Garlic Cashew Cheese









Bruschetta with Kale









Spinach & Kale Stuffed Mushrooms








Pink Dragonfruit Edamame Potstickers








Korean Bbq Tofu with Dragon Fruit Noodles 








Bacon Wrapped Oyster Scallops and Fehttuchini 








Eggplant Rollatini








Tofu Francese

















Pink Dragonfruit Rice Paper Wraps








Zucchini Ribbons with Zucchini Blossoms







Red Velvet Cake







Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies 








Dark Chocolate Cherry Skillet Cookie








Candied Citrus Peels 








Pink Lemonade Cashew Cheesecake








Creme Brûlée 








Apple Roses








Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Pops







Red Velvet Crinkle Cookie Sammies








Pink Dragonfruit Cookie Dough Bites








Pink Dragonfruit Pops








Strawberry Shortcake










Red Velvet Crepe Cake









Red Velvet Pancakes 







Strawberry Rhubarb Mojito








30 Vegan V-day Recipes from desserts, to apps, entrees and cocktails  














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