Vegan Cereal Milk Bars

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Hello & Happy Monday!!





Since many of us could be struggling with seeing an amazing seeking come to an end.. 





I felt that it was the perf time to share a recent creation that incorporates cereal, because although it is in more ways than one.. a dessert, who doesn’t love cereal?!





I’ll be super honest, I haven’t had cereal of any kind, even an organic non GMO low sugar  gluten free etc variety since it was perhaps… 2006?! lol (my cereal I loved on right, had the lowest sugar and highest fiber)





Why I don’t eat cereal: In a nutshell, a high carb intake such as cereal in the morning typically has too much sugar and when you add in the milk substitute and the fact that unless you’re going to exercise and burn off those carbs its recommenced (based on research) that you consume more of protein rich foods in the morning to prevent mid day sugar craving/crashes. 



oWhat inspired this recipe is the famous Momofuko Milk Bar  located in the NYC that offers the “Cereal Milk” ice cream and things like “Crack Pie” lol. Although not vegan, I did try their creation so that I could better gauge how I wanted this recipe to taste!



How would I describe it?!

Well, tastes literally like a bowl of cereal that’s been soaking in milk for hours and is jut too sweet for my taste lol

Soooo… good, but just too sweet for me! 


So THESE vegan cereal milk bars offer similar flavor sans animal products and feature more healthy fats with the coconut milk!









(fun fact: why is coconut fact a healthy fat -> Coconut milk has high LDL cholesterol, which is the bad fat, but unlike other fats coconut milk also has high HDL, which is good for the body)


If you’re not ready to take the plunge and consume commercial cereals that are full of yellow five etc, I completely understand. You can easily substitute these chemical laden cereals featured for healthier options!


Ultimately, regardless of the cereal you choose it still creates the same flavor and of course effortlessly takes you on a trip down memory lane to a time when life was simple.. 

Enjoy this easy peasy recipe, but more than anything, have fun with it!












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  1. If you have been using "Froot Loops", they are not actually vegan, they containD3 ( lanolin) which comes from sheep. Will try with Cheerios though!
    • You're correct! This recipe was supposed to be removed. The majority of all cereals have vitamin D derived from lanolin.


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