Vegan Persian Ice Cream

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Hello & Happy Thursday!!






Ten years ago if you had asked me if I liked Persian ice cream, I would have given you a confused expression and responded with.. “I have no idea” lol.. 


Fast forward to today, I’ve had the pleasure of being exposed to Persian food, culture, and especially Persian ice cream!


What separates this ice cream from your traditional flavors?!


imagesIts light, refreshing, has herbs (saffron), which provides a natural color to the ice cream, and includes rose water which offers a hint of floral flavor (yum)




If you love rose scented products, desserts that offer intricate flavors, but are on the lighter side.. 


You will love my vegan take on a cultural classic!


Like all my plant based recipes, they are easy, affordable (minus the saffron), and the taste.. 







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  1. Ooo this sounds yummy! Your recipes are very inspiring!

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