Vegan Shamrock Shake Recipe

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 Hello & Happy Tuesday!!





Since I missed sharing this recipe prior to St. Patty’s day I thought I would still share it for the simple fact.. 





That EVERY DAY should call for a Shamrock Shake




Not only is this shake chock full of nutrients and healthy fats, but it truly is one of my top favorite shakes… (3/17/16)



(That speaks volumes, b/c I never like mint chocolate anything)







I typically use peppermint oil in my yoga practice to give me more energy and awaken the senses, but this is by far is the best way to use peppermint oil. 







 Shamrock Shake












Vegan Shamrock Shake
Serves 1
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  1. - 2 cups spinach
  2. - 1/2 cup frozen coconut cream (milk is ok)
  3. - 1/2 cup dairy alternative
  4. - 1 frozen banana
  5. - 1-2 tsp peppermint oil
  6. - 2 tsp mint
  7. - 1/2 avocado
  8. - Top off with vegan chocolate chips from Lily's Sweets
  1. - Wash spinach, remove stems, mince mint, throw it all in a blender, and enjoy!
  1. - Top with coconut milk whip cream (freeze coconut milk and place in a food processor, blend to whipped like texture)
Eat. Drink. Shrink.




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